Top Ten: Currently at Zara

Oh Zara. Sometimes you are such a hit, sometimes you are such a miss, but there is no denying that it is an easy spot to pick up and try out some ultra-trending pieces without breaking the bank. I have some great items, shoes included from the store, as do I am guessing many of my readers. A while ago I found myself combing through the Zara website and saving some pairs that caught my eye. Before I knew it, I had picked out about ten pairs. So, lets check out, my current top ten at Zara:

Flat leather ankle boots

I’ve written a couple posts lately that focus on chelsea boots. These don’t come up quite as high and are in a beautiful, season appropriate burgundy. A perfect example of a autumn ankle boot.

flat leather platform shoes

Every once in a while I catch myself romanticizing Prada’s creeper shoes. These certainly are not them but I love the idea of a good oxford inspired flatform.

flat shoes with ankle strap

I probably don’t need to say much about these other than if you aren’t aware that strappy and pointy toe shoes are in right now, you probably live under a rock and are a hermit crab. Shout out to all my hermit crab readers.

flats with metal detail mustard

A good loafer is often a shoe of choice for me. I don’t know if it is because I secretly am inspired by 90 year old mens fashion (umm, argyle? Chunky sweaters? Bolo ties?) or because of some other more obvious reason. Regardless, the style is classic and not going anywhere.

high heel court shoes python

I actually picked up this pair recently as I am currently trying to address the issue of the amount of python print in my closet. I have some but just feel I need to do some revamping in that area. These are really sleek for fall and have that kind of taupe-y tone that goes with all the colours that come with the season.

leather high heel shoes

OK, we all are aware that these are definitely a Louboutin knock-off, BUT, if you don’t want to dish out hundreds of bucks and don’t care about needing a red sole under your feel, then why the heck not?

leather platform sandals whisky

I am currently on the hunt for something directly like, or similar to these. Chunky, with a black form. Suede. Brown. Ankle straps. All this and not over done. Who wants to help me find a pair?

metallic loafers charcoal grey

Another loafer in a metallic shade (metals are neutral still, right?) with a rather interesting cut and some detail. Yup yup yup!

tie up leather ballerinas

Another one for my hermit-crab readers. These are pretty much just an affordable (but not quite as beautiful feeling) alternative to those Stuart Weitzman lace up flats that everyone seems to be wearing right now. I like how neutral this pair is, it changes things up from the predictable black everyone has.

over the knee high heel boots boiler red

And finally, I’ve mentioned a couple times before I am on the hunt for some new over the knee boots (hello SW lowland boots!?!) I like this pair because of how on trend they are right now. Beautiful rust colour, block heel, suede like material. It is all a job well done.

OK. I am off to visit my folks this weekend as we are all celebrating thanksgiving up here in Canada. Stay tuned via my social media to follow the adventure. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Cut Out Booties? Yes or No?

I have to admit, I’m not exactly crazy about the whole cut out bootie/boots trend happening lately. I’ve seen all sorts of styles from Balanciaga to Zara and yet, none of them are really doing it for me. Maybe it is because I’m not finding them aesthetically pleasing, or maybe it is because I come from the land where if you are wearing any type of boots, having your toes or the side of your feet is not an option as a result of the weather. Or maybe, I am just missing the point, not getting it.

Free People woven booties

So when I stumbled across this pair at Free People the other day, I started to change my mind. Make this pair an exception. Now they aren’t really the same as what I’ve been seeing around on other bloggers and players in the fashion world, because they aren’t really cut out at all. They are woven with a hint of space near the top of the foot. It’s one of those the same but different ideas. Anyway, I don’t mind them and they would be perfect for Fall.

What is your take on the cut out boot/bootie trend? Anyone else out there like me who is just not sure, or missing the mark?

Meanwhile in Canada…


It is Christmas in Canada! 

No, I’m just kidding, it technically is still Summer up here and I received this picture of my little brother this morning, outside, experiencing his first snow and probably wishing he had a pair of Uggs or Sorrels to throw on and keep his paws warm. 

Meanwhile, where I actually am, I am enjoying the Fall weather that I have been waiting all Summer for. Today it poured rain and I got to take my newest Burberry trench out for a spin and paired it with my red Louis Vuitton top handle. I’ve said it many times before, I love this season. Autumn is my absolute favourite. Yes, I’ve been wearing boots and bundling up. Tomorrow I even plan on wearing a scarf. 


It seems to me that boots have been on my mind all Summer. I know it makes no sense, but while everyone is walking around on slide in sandals, I am thinking about boots. I basically updated my boot collection this Summer which I will share with you in a later post, but for now, how about these over the knee suede boots from Zara? I know that over the knee was especially popular two or three years ago but I still don’t mind it when styled properly. I also like that this has a bit more of a square heel so they function as a flat shoe but will give a tiny bit extra height. 


Also. This picture was taken about two weeks ago. No, you can’t see too many details but you can get the general idea of how cute my other new Burberry I got this past Summer is. Wearing: Coat- Burberry. Jeans- J.Brand. Shoes- Salvatore Ferragamo. 


Outfit of the Day: June 7

talktomyshoesWhile some of you may “Experience Regina” by attending a Roughriders game, making a sub-par attempt to shop at the Cornwall Centre, or best, just watching this video, I experienced Regina yesterday in full swing- driving down Highway One knowing I’d do well attending a few favourite places that don’t really  have much to do with the city in the first place- Starbucks, Chapters and Moxies.

BCBG bracelets

Taking the fall with me (or bringing Regina up to the next level) included a few pieces from J.Crew’s Spring collection, my trusty Louis Vuitton Hampstead and a pair of Tom Ford sunnies.  I also wore an amazing white blazer that I picked up from Zara during my last trip home and my favourite Rag and Bone jeans. The shoes? I grabbed them in a smoking deal at Nine West while in Arizona last April.

J Crew Spring Summer 2014Occasionally we get lost in the city (you know when you just feel like throwing the GPS completely out the window?) and end up on the most beautiful streets, filled with old oak trees and all sorts of greenery. Other times…. most other times… we realize we are in some sort of sketchy industrial area and need to get the heck out. Experiencing Regina once in a while is OK… Now if only I could experience New York or Paris again, well, do I need to say more?