My Designs: Brought to Life (Part Two)

I always seem to constantly find myself on the hunt for the perfect red shoe. It certainly is a bold statement that doesn’t easily just meld into any old outfit, so naturally I have become more and more particular about my needs in this area of my shoe collection. I have a couple pairs of red pumps but nothing ever was quite right.

Red Glitter Pump

I’m not sure what it is, but when I first started designing shoes I decided to take my need for a red pump, and push the statement shoe design over the top. Not in a “lets make it overly strappy and embellished” sort of way; just something very classic and then some. To be honest, I’m not sure where my inspiration came from for this- so many people say “The Wizard of Oz” but frankly, that movie is totally messed up and I in no way intend to look like a homeless girl wearing an old dead hags stolen footwear. I think where it really came from was a healthy mix of my favourite hockey team’s main colour, Santa Claus and a girl’s natural attraction to glitter. Whatever it may be, I know that I created something special just for myself.

This pair of glittery red pumps is the first of my designs I had made just for me. The perfect treat, and I will never forget the feeling of slipping on the perfect shoe, sitting on the couch in my living room and knowing that I created it just for myself. I snuck this pair into an OOTD post back from my time in Arizona around Christmas that you might (or might not) remember.

Happy Tuesday everybody and thank you for stopping by!


We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: the Ruby Slipper Round-up

Ruby shoes. Every girl needs a pair or some variation. Arguably the most famous piece of footwear in the history of, well… ever, is perhaps the ruby slippers that Judy Garland sported in The Wizard of Oz. Now while the flying monkeys, cracked out scarecrow and pedophile man in a tin suit  is enough to scare any young girl shitless, Dorothy booted through her adventure with relative ease as a result of that one supreme accessory.

The Wizard of Oz isn’t about camaraderie, overcoming fears and adventure, its about the power of shoes. Fashion: mixing blue and white peasant style dresses with glamorous glitter. Socks and slippers. Versatility of product, a slipper for all kinds of weather. Fashion choices that boost a girls confidence- that clicking sound when you walk down the street and you hold your head up high. Aside from GREAT music, this is what the Wizard of Oz has to offer, this is what ruby slippers are all about.

Ruby slippers have been created over and over again by numerous designers. Personally I am a fan of the above pair by the much adored House of Harry Winston. 1350 carats of rubies, 50 carats of diamonds, these are the most expensive shoes of all time… 3 million big ones, start saving your pop bottles kids.

Stuart Weitzman also created his own twist of the ruby slippers- ruby sandals, and I kind of love it. A much more accessible 1.6 million, these shoes, to my knowledge, were never worn. I believe they were to be worn at the oscars by some undeserving actress a decade ago, but as a result of the war in Iraq, the hoi polloi wanted to tone things down a bit. If they were mine, I’d wear them while washing dishes (its just one of those feel good things to do, you know?)