Victoria Weekend Photo Diary

Ironically enough, I spent Victoria Day (and a couple days before) in Victoria, British Columbia. A couple posts ago, I mentioned that I shared in the joy and celebration of my brother’s marriage. While I am still trying to gather pictures from the weekend’s main event, I have a couple pictures I uploaded via Instagram (@talktomyshoes) that I thought I’d share on here as well. Most of them are taken from my whale watching adventure but regardless, it is still a bit of a peek into a few days well spent.


I had an amazing time being a bridesmaid for my new sister-in-law! She made the bouquet herself, beautiful isn’t it?

When we arrived in Victoria on the first afternoon, I spent some time with family just watching the float planes land in the harbour. I think E was practically in heaven! 10931163_10101164765523566_602976974343377081_n

Because my dad and I are BFF’s and total (proud) dorks, we did not stop ourselves from taking our selfies- even on our whale watching adventure. I thought that I would end up with more selfies on that trip than pictures of whales- thank goodness someone has better whale-capturing-photography-skills than I because all my pictures sucked. Selfie included. Whale pictures to be shared soon. Dad’s hat by Coach haha! 11165324_10101158047636266_6848398111129700494_n

Meet Plumpy, the harbour seal. I thought we were pretty good friends but I found it awkward he kept reading out for wet hugs and flaring his nostrils at me. Nevertheless, we got along quite well. 11168019_10101171237902866_942024317164114241_n

A little outfit of the day action on our catamaran. So what am I wearing? Layers upon layers because the ocean is breezy. Oversize sweater from Aritzia, and a pink lulu shirt you can see popping out underneath (also a tshirt that reads “It’s getting haute in here” and a tank underneath. Told you I went nuts on the layers). Scarf by Tory Burch, Sunglasses by Chanel. Leggings by TNA and some of my favourite flats by Salvatore Ferragamo. Burberry crossbody. 11206019_10101152030589476_2360690808018268844_nFunny to end with one of the first things I did but the windswept look really captures a lot of the weekend. We took a little harbour taxi- so cute!- on our way to an accidental mid-day lounge hopping fest. Wearing my Tory Burch Scarf, Chanel Sunglasses and Trench and Crossbody by Burberry.

Anyway, I am hoping to have more pictures to share with you soon. Life has really kicked up its pace and has been incredibly busy for me lately. Unfortunately/fortunately it can be expected to be that way for a while. I’ll still be trying my best to update as regularly as possible. As I gradually share some posts I’m sure you’ll see a little more of what is going on. Looking forward to some great things to come!

I hope that you’re all doing excellent, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say hello in the comments section! I always love hearing from each of you!


Summer Round Up 2013

2013 got off to a bit of a crazy start but once the weather started warming and the sun decided to come visit, the goin’ got pretty good. Looking back over the past couple months, this summer has been one of the better ones, despite the supreme chaos that has been my life.

Last week I finally moved from Ottawa and am slowly making my way towards my next destination. For now I’m back in my native town, Calgary, until my life is further sorted out. On Friday when the moving guys were at my place one of them let out a loud shriek. I was certain somebody had a hernia or dropped dead, but no, he was just marvelling over the size and number of boxes of shoes I had packed. A couple rubber bins the size of bath tubs is what it took. Not counting the 30ish pairs I have in Calgary now to survive off of.

Anyway, back to the post, if you haven’t been following via Instagram/ Twitter (which you probably should) this is what I’ve been up to:

2013-06-29-14-57-15 2013-06-30-22-14-01 2013-07-02-01-40-24I kicked off the summer by surviving the Calgary Flood and heading even further West to Victoria where I enjoyed Canada Day weekend seeing family, eating a ton of seafood and breathing in the salty ocean air.

971117_10100526323641216_1542232060_n 993920_10100526479713446_948891921_n 1000093_10100526322927646_769953997_n 1069317_10100526326340806_288639211_nA few days later back in Ottawa I made a couple trips to Bluesfest. I enjoyed an impromptu  Zac Brown Band performance but more importantly, I saw my favourite band, Weezer. I was there front row, ready to dance and not miss a beat. Lucky me, I met the guys after.

296197_10100511289155446_45912995_n 526432_10100546417527906_715686081_n 1238227_10100575694142336_1909648838_nAfter packing up my place in Ottawa I returned to Alberta for a couple weeks. I enjoyed some sunshine, and Casey’s company. E was able to come visit August long weekend to make life even that much better.

13582_10100560901601706_1083669276_n 532079_10100564075241706_326259400_n 537202_10100561156875136_1032715458_n 1157484_10100560434817146_1747129958_n


By the time mid-August rolled through I was in NYC on the biggest shopping trip of the Summer. I had a weekend packed full of sight seeing, great food and new accessories. I have a few more things to share from that trip so stand by.

988688_10100551970903896_889115083_n 1209019_10100574731401676_803399368_nOne last trip to Ottawa to put my things on a truck and say goodbye to the city that has welcomed me for the past 7 years. I arrived back in Calgary last Saturday to a new set of wheels and a final end of summer adventure.

2013-08-31 19.43.32 2013-08-31 19.50.59I was so incredibly lucky to catch Weezer one more time at XFest in Calgary. I had the rail in front of Brian and loved every second of it (despite getting absolutely pummelled by anyone who was bigger than me… which was everyone)! What a perfect way to end the summer.






Victoria Photo Diary

I escaped the Calgary flooding only to hang out near an even bigger puddle of water. I hadn’t been out to the West coast in a couple years and was happy to spend the weekend in the sunshine with family. Here is what I was up to (wandering around and taking pictures of that thing they call the Pacific Ocean mostly):

Victoria British Columbia

The view from my hotel room at the Empress. Because its how I roll. 2013-06-30 22.10.01


On one of those cutesy water taxis. Sunnies: Prada, Sweater: J.Crew2013-06-30 22.14.01

Orca art everywhere! I wanted to go whale watching but changed my mind when I found out you don’t get to pet the whales hahaha! Sunnies: Prada, Jacket: Burberry, Shirt: Tory Burch.2013-07-02 01.38.04 2013-07-02 01.40.24 2013-07-02 01.47.12Back in Ottawa for a few weeks to pack up my place then hang out west until I put my shoes on a truck.