2017-03-28 17.09.22-1Now in all honesty, Australia though always and forever on my bucketlist, wasn’t like this huge planned trip. I didn’t know I was going for sure until maybe a month or two before. The conversation as to how this happened went as follows:

A few days after Christmas:

Mom: “That was a fun Christmas. When will we see you again?”

Me: “Well, I have some time off in March so I’ll probably go down to Phoenix then and meet you there.”

Dad: “How about we go to Australia instead?”

Me: “OKAY!”

And that was that. Literally how we plan almost all of our vacations. Or how I plan at least.

2017-03-28 10.22.35-1.jpg

Anyway, after a comedy of errors from Edmonton-Calgary and making it to Vancouver for our red eye flight into Brisbane I landed feeling buzzed and ready to go. Sure I was rocking a 17 hour time difference from home, but I managed myself on the longest plane ride of my life just fine. After an epic Australian breakfast (just kidding, I had an omelette like at any other hotel in the western world and I was thankful they did breakfast like a Canadian would. I think European breakfasts are such a nightmare) we were off to explore the city.

2017-03-29 11.26.38

When I’m on vacation my favourite thing to do is to explore. I don’t look at a map, I don’t ask for directions unless there is a must-see destination I have in mind. I know that is probably dangerous sounding but it is all in the name of adventure. I keep my head on straight and fuel myself with gelato as I go.

Brisbane is a cool city. Like, a never-mind-visiting-I’m-going-to-move-there-one-day, type city. They have stuff like sunshine and koalas. I found myself in the middle of a crazy world science fair one afternoon, at a beach in the middle of the city ten minutes later. An iguana basically attacked my foot while I was eating more ice cream in the botanical gardens another day. Scared the shit out of me. Then it had the attitude to turn around and stare at me. I think I will opt for facing a beaver in the Canadian wilderness than an iguana. I shopped and had amazing food the entire way through and enjoyed the company of the friendliest locals.

2017-03-29 15.46.11

One morning I went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Now, if you know me and anything about my #lifegoals I never really have had anything huge on my bucket list to do other than just to “hug a koala”. I just knew they give good hugs. Anyway, I could write an entire entry about my time at Lone Pine so I’ve opted to share with you pictures throughout this post of my Australian Animal adventure. I held a koala named Maximus, I fed giant red kangaroos and grey ones. I pet an Emu which was more like a terrifying Jurassic Park bird. This place is basically an Australian Animal Disneyland.

2017-03-28 10.24.09

After a week in Brisbane, we boarded a flight down to Melbourne. Melbourne is another amazing city, it offered more great food, great shopping with tons of fascinating little cobblestone side streets. I went to the aquarium one afternoon. I found a gallery with all of the artwork by Dr. Suess. I randomly collected socks. I filled my tummy with more gelato. One of the local girls was smitten over my accent. “Oh my gosh you have the most beautiful accent I have ever heard! Where are you from?????” ….Canada. Lol.

2017-04-01 11.27.31

Continuing the theme of “Australian Animals the Adventure” I took a full day trip to Phillip Island. Phillip Island is well, this little island kinda off the coast of Melbourne. After a drive there which included a stop to another animal sanctuary where I pet more koalas, contemplated kidnapping a wallaby, and another stop at a farm where the Alberta girl in me fed a beautiful horse and wanted to play with the highland cattle, we made it to this cutesie island.

2017-04-01 11.40.51-1

Probably my favourite wine on the planet is called “Little Penguin”. It is cheap. It tastes like adult kool-aid and is probably the most unsophisticated drink you will ever have. Anyway, I love it. No I could not find it anywhere. As the sun set I went to this “Penguin Parade” place on Summer Beach where you stare at the ocean and wait quietly to see the little penguins (That is actually what they are called. They are the smallest species of penguin!) waddle up the beach and try and make a break to their burrows for safety. They are cute and hilarious. I found myself totally caught up in watching them and following them back up the boardwalk cheering stuff like “Go penguin!” and “You can do it!” and “Run mthrfckaaaaa!” It was bizarre and amazing. The wind and rain were just howling everyone froze even though it was like 14C outside. It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. How can this tiny, tuxedo clad bird swim in what is almost the Antarctic Ocean all day, catch some fish, waddle home, sleep a few hours and do it again? Every day. Nature is a crazy thing.

2017-04-01 16.31.08

Anyway, I could probably keep rambling on and on about my trip down under. Its been ten months since I was there and I probably have thought about my trip every day since I arrived. I tell anyone that will listen about my penguin experience and show everyone in sight my pictures of the koalas.

If you have read this far down, thank you so much for sticking with me as I retold my adventure. What is the best holiday you’ve been on? Any place on your bucket list?

Don’t forget to say hi in the comment section below. I love reading your comments and responding to all my visitors.


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Where I’ve Been…

Hey all! So, yesterday I relaunched Talk To My Shoes (who the hell relaunches a website on a Thursday morning is beyond me… No. It is me…) and said I’d give a little 2017 update to pull you back into my world. I know it is a little late in the month to be all reflective on the year past and stuff, but believe it or not, I did get up to some pretty exciting adventures and still want to share. In no particular order:

Last year I continued teaching at my school, performed in a ton of concerts, hit up a ton of concerts and surrounded myself with good music. Garth Brooks (third row!!!), Brett Kissel, George Canyon all fuelled my country music-heart while bands like Steel Panther gave me my fill of filthy glam-rock. I bought a new guitar and gear, played the piano- digging up a few Beethoven sonatas from the past, and learned nearly every song by The Rolling Stones on the ukulele.

I spent a ton of time with family and loved ones and became an aunt. Celebrated the holidays with the in-law side of the family and spent Thanksgiving in Alberta with my folks, packing up my house for a big move.

2017-04-01 11.40.51-1

In March and April I travelled the furthest from home I’ve been- to Australia for a whirlwind ten days. I am still obsessed with koalas, I fed kangaroos and wallabies, watched little penguins in the wild, sunburned my skin, and embraced every bloody moment of it. I am desperate to go back. Friendly people, great food, beautiful weather and only a 16 hour or so flight from Vancouver to Brisbane.

To nobody’s surprise I continued to dance my heart out. At one point in the year I was taking at least six Zumba classes a week on top of some other dance classes here and there, running and resistance training. I felt great and through Zumba especially, have made some life-long friends. Music and dancing really pulls people together and what is more motivating to come to class when you know some of your best friends are going to be there too?

2017-07-27 22.34.16.jpg

And finally, I continued to feed my shoe, fashion and beauty addictions. I continued designing shoes, playing with texture and accents of colour, became absolutely obsessed with ColourPop cosmetics along with a few other brands, and focused my energy to my daily style uniforms for each season. Above is the moment last Summer when I simply could not find my new brow gel and ended up making a mess in the process of it. I never did find that little pot by Anastasia.

2017-11-20 19.23.54

So, after all of that, a move to a new province and parting ways with my friends and work (not goodbye, just see ya later!), I am sitting here landlocked in the middle of the beautiful Canadian prairies in my new home. There is a lot to come on the horizon and tons to be excited about, but for now I think I should just go finish my lunch and continue on.

Thank you again to anyone who has stopped by. Don’t forget to say hello! I love hearing from my readers and would like to get a sense of anyone who is coming for a visit!


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OOTD: San Gimignano


A couple weeks ago I spent the day exploring the Tuscany region and all the Italian culture it has to offer. One of the highlights of my trip was an afternoon spent in San Gimignano (San Jimmy-Meow-Meow), a medieval hill top town south of Florence. The town is not only known for its many towers, but for its world-famous gelato. Yup, that is right, the “Best gelato in the world” is made there.

So here I am, battling the heat in an off the shoulder Wilfred dress and my Gucci disco soho crossbody, looking for more gelato as I had just run out. Unfortunately there wasn’t any in the well, though perhaps it was for the best as I would have shamelessly attempted to steal it.

This is easily one of my favourite pictures from the trip and my favourite memories. While I loved exploring ancient ruins in Rome, there is something about medieval architecture and street art (there were faded out crests on the stone walls lining the towers) that just pulls at my heart strings. Probably because it is as close to a fairy tale I will get, or the knights who say “Ni!”


On Repeat: Hadrian’s Palace

2016-08-06 11.01.25-1

I mentioned to you a couple posts ago that I wore this outfit on repeat all summer. It truly is a favourite. These pictures were taken at Hadrian’s Palace just outside Rome on one of my last days of the trip. This set of ancient ruins was one of my favourite places and a definite highlight of the trip. With beautiful scenery, sunshine and even little turtles hanging around the ponds, I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Just to recap, my sweater crop is from Aritzia and the skirt is from NYC last year by Rag and Bone.

2016-08-06 11.21.32-1

Also, how many squats do you think those Roman soldiers did to have rock solid butts like that?!?!

Don’t forget to put your feet up today, it’s Sunday.