On Repeat: Hadrian’s Palace

2016-08-06 11.01.25-1

I mentioned to you a couple posts ago that I wore this outfit on repeat all summer. It truly is a favourite. These pictures were taken at Hadrian’s Palace just outside Rome on one of my last days of the trip. This set of ancient ruins was one of my favourite places and a definite highlight of the trip. With beautiful scenery, sunshine and even little turtles hanging around the ponds, I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Just to recap, my sweater crop is from Aritzia and the skirt is from NYC last year by Rag and Bone.

2016-08-06 11.21.32-1

Also, how many squats do you think those Roman soldiers did to have rock solid butts like that?!?!

Don’t forget to put your feet up today, it’s Sunday.


OOTD:Rome Fountains

2016-08-02 16.33.47-1

Good morning and happy LONG weekend! Do you need the weekend as much as I do? Having an extra day off is huge for me. I just started a new school year and a new position and while I have a great feeling about my work currently, I came home yesterday too tired to function. Throwing back to my Italy trip that I promised to share with you (I have a couple more posts coming too!) this was taken on the day I arrived in Rome.

I roadtripped to Rome from Florence, the drive was short- only about 3 and a half hours and filled with beautiful scenery. Funny talking to Europeans about the difference in what is considered a long drive. One evening in Florence I had a great conversation with my waiter and he explained that his family lives about thirty minutes away and he only sees them once or twice a year. Apparently that is quite normal. I explained that my family lives over three hours away and to drive down for a day visit is quite common for me to do. Mind you, while driving on the QEII is a headache, I think driving in metropolitan cities in Europe is something I would just never want to deal with. With all due respect to my European readers. Though, I think investing in a pink vespa would help greatly.

Anyway, getting back to the post, upon arrival in Rome, I immediately unpacked my suitcase and went exploring in the Eternal City. My mom and dad took me to their favourite square in the city and we ended up having lunch and of course, another round of gelato. So, here is me, burning my ass because the metal around the fountain was very hot (It was like 40C there every day. So hot this snow angel thought she might melt) but I grinned through the picture uncomfortably any way.

What am I wearing? One of my favourite dresses! The most perfect t-shirt dress by Wilfred, some Steve Madden sandals that I allowed to be completely destroyed and tossed after the trip (oops), my trusty Gucci disco, a fav pair of Tom Ford sunnies, and the straightest most put together hair-do I had the entire trip.

Wishing each of you a wonderful, relaxing long weekend. I already feel unwound and recharged. Maybe it is simply because I had a coffee and didn’t wake up at five a.m.



OOTD: On Repeat


Rather than calling this post, OOTD, I feel like I should more necessarily rename it to “OOEOD” Outfit of Every Other Day. How many times have I thrown on this summer combo? Too many. Once I get my act together and post some more pics ¬†from my adventures you’ll see what I mean. But really, this Rag and Bone chambray skirt that I got in NYC last summer still remains to be an absolute favourite of mine. It is so light, flouncy, feminine and versatile that it has had a lasting impression on me since purchase. Paired together with my favourite white sweater “crop” (okay. I don’t really do crops because I lived through the 90’s once before and have no desire for nostalgia, but I have bought this top three times in different colours. It is like an adult acceptable version of the trend) it really turns into the ultimate easy-polished summer outfit. Accessorized with one of my most used bags- my Gucci disco Soho, the ultimate pair of slides by DVF, and of course, a Griffin helicopter to toughen up my look, this is just another perfect variation of my favourite summertime go-to.

Farewell Summer

Today is the first day of September and you can tell. I woke up to it being nearly freezing outside and wanted nothing more than to just bundle up. Of course I knew that by noon the day would feel warmer so I did my best to avoid a sweater. Anyway, though we technically have 20 days or so until it is officially Autumn, this time of year is automatically Fall for me.

So, as a nod to the beautiful Summer and sunshine we enjoyed over the last couple months, a pair of Castaner jean espadrilles in bright colours as we part ways with this season and embrace the next.

Castaner Jean espadrille

What was your favourite part of the Summer? Are you looking forward to Autumn? If you haven’t figured it by now, it’s when the weather cools down that is my favourite.