Last Call: Lanvin

Lanvin Block Heel Sandal

TGIF! I am so hesitant to say “I can’t believe it hasn’t snowed yet here!” because I feel like it will be if I even so much as look out the window. Yes it has been quite crisp and yes blustery weather is well on its way. So, I’m saying last call. Last call, last chance to wear some amazing sandals (how about these Lanvin block heel sandals? They did quite well this year, don’t you think?) That is, unless you are planning on escaping the Great White North for warmer climates at some point this winter.  So friends, fix up your pedi one last time and slip on your- oh! Damn! I just saw a snowflake. Have a great weekend!


Meanwhile in Canada…


It is Christmas in Canada! 

No, I’m just kidding, it technically is still Summer up here and I received this picture of my little brother this morning, outside, experiencing his first snow and probably wishing he had a pair of Uggs or Sorrels to throw on and keep his paws warm. 

Meanwhile, where I actually am, I am enjoying the Fall weather that I have been waiting all Summer for. Today it poured rain and I got to take my newest Burberry trench out for a spin and paired it with my red Louis Vuitton top handle. I’ve said it many times before, I love this season. Autumn is my absolute favourite. Yes, I’ve been wearing boots and bundling up. Tomorrow I even plan on wearing a scarf. 


It seems to me that boots have been on my mind all Summer. I know it makes no sense, but while everyone is walking around on slide in sandals, I am thinking about boots. I basically updated my boot collection this Summer which I will share with you in a later post, but for now, how about these over the knee suede boots from Zara? I know that over the knee was especially popular two or three years ago but I still don’t mind it when styled properly. I also like that this has a bit more of a square heel so they function as a flat shoe but will give a tiny bit extra height. 


Also. This picture was taken about two weeks ago. No, you can’t see too many details but you can get the general idea of how cute my other new Burberry I got this past Summer is. Wearing: Coat- Burberry. Jeans- J.Brand. Shoes- Salvatore Ferragamo. 


A Room with a View

I snapped this picture from our living room window in Calgary two weeks ago. Who would ever get tired of this view?

rocky mountains instagram


Winter is Here

Alright, it is time for an honest discussion. Let’s talk about winter.

I’m not talking about a couple centimetres of snow on the ground for a week and then it is gone, and I’m not talking about “Omg it is so cold I’ll have to wear a scarf with my leather jacket.” No. That is not winter at all. I’m here to discuss the -38C weather I survived through the night before last and the 3 day blizzard that went on as I carried about my own business.

Snow in the backyardI’m going to admit that I’m guilty of not always dressing weather appropriate footwear-wise in the winter. I have a pair of Uggs that are warm enough to watch a hockey game in or last while I pick up groceries but are certainly not waterproof and I have a super cute pair of mid calf height moccasins that I’ve been wearing quite a bit but have a cruddy tread so I find myself sliding everywhere I go.  Often I’ll wear a pair of riding boots or fall boots regardless of the weather.

However, when the weather gets ultra crappy and cold this is what I turn to:

Ugg Adriondack TallThese are real winter boots. My tall Adriondack boots by Ugg Australia I can say are pretty legit. The shearling lining keeps my toes warm and dry and they come up high enough and fit tight enough around my legs that I don’t get snow in my boots when I’m mid snowball fight or trudging through a white out.  I’m going to admit that I wish they were a tiny but cuter but they work with the right clothes and I like them more and more with each use. I wear them with the tops both pulled up and down in my attempt to vary its look. Paired with my Canada Goose coat, I’m pretty bundley warm.