Black and Gold

A few date night goodies from a couple weeks ago. When I bought my Valentino Rockstud sandals last Winter (because as soon as the Spring lines hint at coming out in February, I am on it!) I knew they’d be versatile and that I’d be wearing them everywhere, but as I’ve taken them out again and again, I am beginning to realize to what extent I can mix, match, and wear them on my daily adventures.

Of course, black leather with any metallic hardware is an easy go-to and I am quite the sucker for gold detailing. The block heel is comfortable, the studs are edgy yet stunning and feminine and the over all structure of the shoe and the straps is very no-fuss and easy to style. I . Love. These. Sandals.

I picked out a little YSL treat shopping in Rome last July that has turned into my new staple black chain purse. In black pebbled leather it is soft to hold yet extremely durable and I don’t have to worry so much about any foolishness I may have while throwing it over my shoulder. I’ve removed the chain a fair few times as well, serving just as a clutch and I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. This is the smaller size than what you have probably been ogling on other fashion and street style blogs, but I purposely wanted something very small and elegant that I could even take out for any formal events I might have.

Anyway, I had been meaning to share this one for a while. If you are following me on Instagram you are probably far more up to date on my adventures and the general insanity of my life. What do you think of the black accessories? What is your go-to date night look?

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Saturday morning and that life is good in general. I am contemplating bundling up to run errands in the snow (no sandals required this time…) Thanks for stopping by!


Chloe Drew


Every couple years an “it” bag takes the fashion world by storm. From the PS1 to Celine’s Luggage Bag from 2010, some designs and shapes just have staying power. Personally I prefer a structured, simply shaped bags that isn’t necessarily on every single girls arm at the moment. Or if it is that is ok too.


Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you’d know that Chloe’s Drew bag- in every size and colour has been the “it bag” of the year, with quite the staying power. I’ve always loved a good crossbody and the saddle shape is more than appropriate for my true western heritage. When I saw this Drew bag in particular- new for SS’16 I turned into mush. The extra perforated detail was that extra kick that I was looking for in a bag. Something that I have been dressing up and down constantly. The hardware it features is stunning and I apologize as this picture does the beauty of this bag absolutely no justice.

What bags are you looking forward to seeing this spring?  Do you have any dream bags on your bucket list? I know I have a few that have been on my mind- perhaps a post for another time.

Wishing each of you a wonderful, and wonderfully productive week!

Travel Style: Bags

One of my favourite parts about travelling is actually packing. I enjoy pulling out clothes that I haven’t seen in a while and putting together fun outfits to wear on my great escape to my destination. But once our suitcase is packed, then what? Well, we obviously turn our heads to packing our carry-on and/or purse that we might be bringing with us.

For the longest time I never really thought a lot about what purse or bag I was going to bring with me, but as I became a more experienced traveller, I started to become quite picky about what I would bring. I used to stuff one of those giant jet set Michael Kors totes full of stuff which always worked great for the plane- but never enjoyed carrying it around for the rest of the trip. It became tiresome. So after years of tweaking and perfecting this travel dilemma, I started bringing a few bags without managing to overpack. Now, hear me out.

When considering the bag or bags to bring on your adventure when packing think of this: size and versatility and colour.

Gucci Mens Briefcase

Lets start with a larger bag. I love this Soho bag by Gucci pictured above for many many reasons; to start, the size, while it is a larger bag, it is actually smaller than most duffel bags. It is not oversized but fits EVERYTHING you need and more. In fact, it is labelled as a mens briefcase. I don’t see it like that, I see it as the perfect carryon for my laptop, scarf, pair of flats, magazines- you name it that fits perfectly underneath the seat infront of you. Sure I don’t bring it out and about with me when I go for dinner or shopping at my destination, but you don’t bring your laptop, cosmetic bag and an extra pair of socks with you either. Plus, for super short trips, this is serves as your main bag. Bamn.


If the idea of slinging a duffel bag over your shoulder is just too much a great, soft, bag with a crossbody option is also great. Don’t worry, I don’t usually ever bring a duffel and oversized purse with me, it gets to be too much. The point of this is to make life easy, right? Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of this bag on the website so I am recycling one of my old OOTD pics so you can get an idea. This is a great travel bag for many reasons- once again it holds everything (or almost everything), is soft and malleable if needed. It also has lots of zippers and compartments to stay organized and keep things put. I like bringing this on trips and tucking the ends of the bag into itself to transform into a smaller tote-like purse. It is a light bag and I bring it out with me to run errands and shop all the time. Think of your favourite oversized bag, it might be a great option.

Jimmy Choo Milla

Finally the last bag I look at bringing along with me is a small crossbody or clutch that has a crossbody option. This serves as a great staple to take you from day to night and makes going out a heck of a lot easier (hands-free means you can carry bags of new shoes right?) My favourite thing to do? Put all my valuable papers, cards, whatever it is- basically set it up like your purse, and slip it into your duffel bag or oversized purse. There are a few great options out there so it should be easy to find something that works for you. I picked out this nude Milla clutch by Jimmy Choo because I know how flat it can lay and I like that it can be worn in three different ways (it is amazing what you can do with a crossbody chain!)

The other thing I want to mention quickly is to think about the colour of the bags that you choose to bring. Sure, a loud statement piece is fun, but is your neon green satchel really going to look great against those ketchup coloured skinny jeans you packed? One of the tips I always read about packing is to pick things that you can mix and match together. I feel like the same goes for your bag. Bring something that you can wear with everything you have packed.

So that being said, what are your favourite go to travel bags? Are you into a routine of what you do to pack when you travel or are you “up in the air” about it?

Thanks to everyone for stopping by! I always love hearing from you in the comments below!

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 14

With ten days left until Christmas day, we are in the midst of endless holiday parties, dinners, and gatherings of all kinds. Often because of the hectic schedules that this time of year naturally creates, we often don’t have time to swap outfits and accessories. So here I present you with something that is versatile form day to night, office to drinks, whatever it is that you need.

Louis Vuitton Chain

I picked out this particular crossbody by Louis Vuitton for a number of reasons that help make the transition from day to night much easier. First, lets talk size, big enough for your phone, lipstick cards and keys, yet small enough to not look bulky. The long chain brings an opportunity for a hands-free option while it could easily be tucked in to create a clutch if needed. Finally, texture; between the mix of croc leather and gold hardware I’d saw we have all of our bases covered. So what do you think? What is you favourite solution for day to night dressing?