Summer Alternative


One of my favourite pieces to wear in the summer -when sandals just won’t work, is a good pair of espadrilles. They’re casual cool, comfy and if you find the right pair can be the focus of an outfit. I love this pair I picked up (sometime last winter, because funnily enough, that is how I function) from Tory Burch. They’re made of buttery soft leather that seem to dress up the overall aesthetic of the shoe. I think it is a great alternative to regular canvas that shows wear and tear much more noticeably. In a way, they remind me of those Chanel espadrilles that everyone seems to be obsessed with lately. Simple colour blocking, similar material, shape, cut, but a quarter of the price. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Chanel as well but as for now, I’m letting these Tory’s steal my heart.

What do you love to wear during the summer when sandals aren’t an option?


Arizona Adventure

While it was what now feels like eons ago, my trip down south actually was still quite recent. Scottsdale, Arizona is one of my favourite places to visit on the planet, I love how it is a home away from home, a place where I can relax, soak up some much needed vitamin d, and just run free.


Ironically I have such a soft spot for cactus, prickly pears are certainly a favourite- especially in bloom in the spring time!


This little bunny (I decided to name Paul Rudd for some random reason) kept us company with beautiful bouquets of flowers at the table. He is so cute that next time I am bringing him home.


Everyone has different views of what artwork is. I snapped a pic of this hanging on the wall in my neighbours house. The teeny tiniest scorpions I’ve ever laid eyes on.


Being simple minded brings happiness in simple ways. For Rusty, this canvas tote is the ultimate toy.

IMG_2058Morning Run

Two different routes on my morning runs through the desert. It doesn’t matter if it is a thousand degrees outside. With scenery like this I’d run for miles.

Saturday Accessories


I plan on doing a little catch-up blogging over the next while. I have tons to share with you from my trip to Arizona over Easter break, and a lot of excitement coming up through the Spring. A couple weekends ago I went out with some girlfriends for dinner and had fun picking out some accessories before the night began.

I got those Manolo Blahnik BB pumps a couple years ago and I still love them just as much as I did when I first grabbed them. The colour is everything, don’t you think? Unfortunately they are a bit more stiff than some of my other pairs of Manolos so they don’t make it out quite as often as I’d like them to. I think at this point I own more BB style pumps than any other type of stiletto- and if you know my shoe closet you’d understand that that is quite the statement. Really they are just a great shoe. I know I compare them to Jimmy Choo’s Abel quite often but I have to say that MB is currently outnumbering JC. I can’t wait to share with you the latest addition from my trip on here. Don’t forget to stay tuned for that!

You may also remember that kissy face clutch by Kate Spade. It has made it onto Talk to My Shoes a few times now. I picked it up about a year ago while in Arizona when I was putting together an outfit for a special celebratory evening for E’s work. I love that it is a great size and super versatile- it holds everything, and more than what you would want to carry with you in a clutch and works just as well in the day time with a pair of jeans as it does in the evening with a cute dress. Definitely one of my better purchases. My favourite part? The “Hello Stranger” stamp on the backside.

I hope that everyone had a great Easter and that the Spring is treating you well. Today is very windy yet it is sunny so at least it is motivating to get up and get at ‘er. Thanks again for stopping by! Hugs.

OOTD: Brown Leather

I’ve been having a great time in Arizona so far, relaxing, basking (burning) in the sun, and basically enjoying wearing all my clothes I can’t get away with wearing during March in Canada. Yesterday I threw on these distressed boyfriend shorts from Abercrombie- a place I haven’t shopped at since high school, but made the exception a few weeks ago when looking for some denim shorts that actually will fit. With it I threw on a silk tank by Wilfred, my favorite Michael Kors flatform sandals, and my Chloe Drew bag which has proved its worth since the moment I got it. 

I hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend. On today’s menu, more sunshine and hopefully a little Cactus League baseball! Take care! Xoxo