I can’t believe it has taken this long to share one of my favorite pairs with you but I suppose it is better to do so now than never. I picked up my Charlotte Olympia kitty slippers in black velvet when I was in New York last Summer. I couldn’t believe my luck walking into Saks to find that they actually had the forever sold-out shoe in my size, never mind the particular design I had been hunting for. Believe me, the hunt honestly took months- years, but I have to say it is worth it. Charlotte Olympia kitten slippers have turned into a cult classic for a reason, they totally live up to all the hype. Look for these slippers in different colors and materials, Charlotte has a great, creative imagination and has provided us with an immense amount of options. 


Christian Louboutin Spring 2013


I saw these Louboutins in New York last summer and they have been etched in my mind ever since. It is rare I see something like this that sticks with me so much but for some reason I think they are just goofy enough.

Christian Louboutin Spring 2013 Shoes-4


From Christian Louboutin’s Spring 2013 line…

Manolo Blahnik NYFW

New York Fashion Week has come and gone. The biggest thing that caught my eye? The shoes. Obviously. Manolo Blahnik changed things up and had his own presentation last week for his new collection. I’m sorry to say that I love every bit of it and need to start saving my money for its entirety right NOW. 

Manolo Blahnik 2014 Manolo-Blahnik-2 Manolo-Blahnik-3 Manolo-Blahnik-4 Manolo-Blahnik-6 Manolo-Blahnik-9 Manolo-Blahnik-10 Manolo-Blahnik-11 Manolo-Blahnik-12 Manolo-Blahnik-15 Manolo-Blahnik-19 Manolo-Blahnik-25 Manolo-Blahnik-27 Manolo-Blahnik-28Pictures courtesy of shoeblog.


Manolo Blahnik: New York Fashion Week

One last reblog and then I’ll call it a night!


Carrie Bradshaw Closet“We were teased with them at a J.Crew show during a previous New York Fashion Week. But now, according to Women’s Wear Daily, we’re in for a full-fledged presentation of shoe glory this season.

 “I want to share in detail how my mind and imagination work and where I get my inspiration from,” Blahnik told WWD. “New York is a very exciting city and I have a special sentiment towards it since it was the first place to make my shoes available to women outside of London.”

The Manolo Blahnik presentation will take place on February 9th. Now the question is, which shoes to wear?”