Wanting “the Wrong” Shoe

I think that it is safe to say that almost every year- usually later in the Springtime I try to hook myself up with a new pair of white sneakers. The last couple years I’ve turned to Nike to complete the task, and my Adidas Superstars *are they still trendy?* are not so white.  The inside of the back heel is worn down as if I wore them in gym class constantly (to be fair, I did wear them while teaching gym class here and there), so they are becoming more around the house work shoes. They also survived a trip to Italy with me.


Anyway, here is something different. I stumbled across these on instagram and while yes, this exact pair is a men’s shoe, I am nonetheless crazy about it and wishing I could just convert the sizing to fit me. The Gancini Sneaker Shoe by my beloved Salvatore Ferragamo comes in a multitude of colours and finishes for women but I have yet to see a pair quite like this one. From floral to metallics to neutrals they really have it all. However, this particular white and grey pair is exactly what I’m looking for. I am drawn to it. I love the clean minimalist approach to design and colour. And I’m not sure if it comes in my size, or even exists. I’ve looked everywhere.

Now, all this being said, I have a short list of white sneakers that I am also keeping my eyes on, that do fit me, and are actually available. Not some invented up pair inspired from the men’s section. I’ll be sharing those with you here on Talk To My Shoes in a couple posts so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Anyway, have you ever had this problem? Falling for the wrong shoe? Have you ever been itching to buy a shoe that doesn’t-even-exist?? I don’t mean wrong as in it is wrong to shop in the opposite section, that isn’t the problem. I mean the wrong shoe that is so right for you, but isn’t possibly available. Truth be told, that is how I got into designing shoes in the first place. But that is a story for another time. Let me know in the comment section below what your thoughts and stories are, I think there will be some good ones- or just to say hello!


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Zebra and Pink

I don’t know why it is, but for some crazy reason, I always feel like I need a pair of zebra print shoes. It is not a print that is common or used neutrally like leopard print; and in all honesty, I don’t wear the print all the time because despite it’s monochromatism, it is very much a loud “look at me” print.  However, they are the epitome of my love for loud “look at me” shoes.

2017-10-01 19.58.23 (1)

One day last September during a very trying day at work and heavy with news of moving away on a new adventure, a good friend of mine told me to go home, relax and do something for myself. I couldn’t share with them what exactly what was happening at that point but I took the much needed advice immediately. So, soon after, there I was at home, sipping a cup of tea when an image of yet another pair of zebra print shoes flashed through my mind. I wasted no time in sitting down to make these babies come to life. I found myself escaping reality whilst designing this pair and regardless of how many zebra pairs I’ve designed at this point, I ask, “Could these be any more me?”

My design idea for this pair came instantly. I knew I wanted the perfect zebra pump. I knew that they needed to channel my inner 80’s rocker meets pink-loving-princess personality. I knew I wanted a slight quirk in the design and experimented with the cut of the toe box ever so slightly. I wanted these shoes to be me. The only thing I was unable to do that I wanted to add was a glitter sole. Just for that extra punch of obnoxiousness.

A few weeks later, upon my doorstep they arrived and I felt like I could power through anything in that moment. Zebra print is bold and powerful and these pumps seemed to give me the boost that I was needing. I have worn this pair a lot since adding them to my collection. I get tons of compliments on them each time I wear them but only I know how special they are and what they mean. My designs are all special to me and a reflection of who I am, but this pair marks a special page in my story. They are the perfect mix of chaos and quirkiness balanced with simplicity. And so is my life.

Thank you again to anyone for stopping by. Don’t forget to say hello, I love hearing from all my readers!


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Bunny Flats

There is always something about a quirky novelty shoe that brightens up my day. These bunny flats by Kate Spade have been on high rotation since nabbing them this past Fall. I admit, at first although I loved them I was unsure exactly how much I’d wear them; but sure enough, I treat them as a neutral flat with a cotton tail and they make their appearance every so often. 

These are comfy to boot with soft brushed suede and a fuzzy pom pom tail. Perhaps even cuter than the tail- the spade nose, the tiniest gold accent. The only unfortunate thing about these is that they are so light I can only wear them when it is completely dry outside, or indoors only. I know it is only January, but I can’t wait for spring to some so these can accompany me as I hop all around town. 

Anyway, are you a novelty shoe fanatic or would you rather keep it classic and cool? Let me know in the comments below. Happy weekend!