Christian Louboutin: Lace Follies

Louboutin follies lace 100

I cannot resist a good ol’ eye catching Louboutin. I’m keeping this short today, as really, the stilettos speak for themselves. I think what I really like about this pair is that they seem a little more mature than many Loubs I see available. Does that sound crazy? Do you know what I mean? I think I am just talking about the oversized studded platform designs by CL that I can’t stand. Anyway. I like a more classy elegance in a shoe is what I am trying to say.

The Louboutin Follies in lace are beautiful. I am obsessed with the colour scheme on these heels! They remind me of those beautiful warm toned neutral eyeshadow palettes that have a pop of blue or a pop of burnt red shadow in them. But only they are lace stilettos. And you wear them on your feet instead of your eyelids. Oh god. Trying to write when you are stretched out on the couch, contemplating a nap is not a great thing. Sorry.

Sorry not sorry, because can we just take pause and notice the embossed leather heel cap as well? What perfect contrast and an unexpected design feature. It compliments the piping so well I can’t even handle it.

I have no other words, just one last thought: that these are some of the most beautiful Christian Louboutin follies I have ever seen.

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Throwback Thursday: Louboutin 2011

Throwback to one of my favourite Christian Louboutin ad campaigns from 2011. I really like how he doesn’t need models to sell the shoe. Leave it to him to know how to make artwork fun.

Christian Louboutin Ad Campaign christian-louboutin-spring-summer-2011-ad-campaign-2 christian-louboutin-spring-summer-2011-ad-campaign-3 christian-louboutin-spring-summer-2011-ad-campaign christian-louboutin-spring-summer-2011-ad christian-louboutin-spring-summer-2011-campaign