Black and Gold

A few date night goodies from a couple weeks ago. When I bought my Valentino Rockstud sandals last Winter (because as soon as the Spring lines hint at coming out in February, I am on it!) I knew they’d be versatile and that I’d be wearing them everywhere, but as I’ve taken them out again and again, I am beginning to realize to what extent I can mix, match, and wear them on my daily adventures.

Of course, black leather with any metallic hardware is an easy go-to and I am quite the sucker for gold detailing. The block heel is comfortable, the studs are edgy yet stunning and feminine and the over all structure of the shoe and the straps is very no-fuss and easy to style. I . Love. These. Sandals.

I picked out a little YSL treat shopping in Rome last July that has turned into my new staple black chain purse. In black pebbled leather it is soft to hold yet extremely durable and I don’t have to worry so much about any foolishness I may have while throwing it over my shoulder. I’ve removed the chain a fair few times as well, serving just as a clutch and I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. This is the smaller size than what you have probably been ogling on other fashion and street style blogs, but I purposely wanted something very small and elegant that I could even take out for any formal events I might have.

Anyway, I had been meaning to share this one for a while. If you are following me on Instagram you are probably far more up to date on my adventures and the general insanity of my life. What do you think of the black accessories? What is your go-to date night look?

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Saturday morning and that life is good in general. I am contemplating bundling up to run errands in the snow (no sandals required this time…) Thanks for stopping by!


Jimmy Choo

The other weekend I had some fun and was able to take perhaps what is my favourite pair of shoes out for a spin (I said perhaps, I’m not sure if I have a favourite pair, but these are so special and absolutely killer that they, in this moment, deserve that title). I originally bought these accessories for my brothers wedding back in 2015 and love them so much.


Jimmy Choo’s Collar design, though it looks absolutely deadly to some, is one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own. I love how my feet feel securely caged in and that the shoe zips instead of laces up. I put them on and my feet are ready for a night of dancing without worrying about them coming undone. The platform adds that extra cushy comfort that I feel is completely necessary to a sandal like this, and the champagne colour… well need I say more?

You may remember my clutch from some of my posts last summer while in NYC. I particularly love the versatility of this little bag. It has a detachable shoulder-length chain that turns the clutch into a little crossbody number if needed- or double the chain to make a chic shoulder piece. The texture is durable, and the colour is the most perfect champagne gold that goes with absolutely everything. I’ve brought this out for ┬ánumerous occasions, and worn it with everything from bridesmaid dresses to jeans and a blazer. It is a serious winner and I only wish that I owned it in black and other colours as well.

Anyway, I am headed down to Calgary for a little Stampede action later this week and am looking forward to putting together some great outfits and coaxing people into taking a few pictures. I hope everyone is having an amazing summer this far. Happy Fourth of July to my beloved Yankee readers! Love.

Current Trend: Patchwork

I don’t know about you, but I seem to be finding patchwork designs absolutely everywhere as of late. When I first heard about the trend months ago, I honestly have to say I was a little skeptical. When you hear the word patchwork, what do you think of right away? A quilt, some strange nod to colour blocking, or grandma trying to revive a pair of ripped up denim back in the 90’s are all things that come to mind for me. Luckily, my imagination is generally much more far fetched than the average person, so I have witnessed none of these in the world of shoe design this season in regards to the trend.

In fact, I have been mildly surprised at multiple pairs of patchwork footwear and the designers take on one of the seasons biggest trends. When I found these beauts at one of my all-time favourite designer’s boutiques- Salvatore Ferragamo, I was absolutely smitten. Patchwork done right, at last. A picture speaks a thousand words so I better show you before I ramble on:

ferragamo patchwork platformferragamo patchwork

Everything about this design is perfect. The chunky heel- a huge nod to the 70’s revival that is absolutely everywhere in fashion right now. But even better, a thin, gold outline making the colour blocking crisp and clean. Buttery leather, and a platform with contrasting woven texture to the smooth, sleek design. A heavy bottom complimented with a weightless and thin ankle strap. This shoe is everything. Seriously. It is my definition of shoe design genius.

It feels great to be back. I can’t believe that I was away as long as I was, but honestly, I don’t really know where the weeks have gone. Being busy, is just, well, busy. I’m hoping to be making more appearances. I have really missed writing and saying hello to my readers. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on the blog don’t hesitate to let me know, I would love to take a few requests if there are any out there! Happy long weekend to my Canadian readers. Xo

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 7

gold cards

Sometimes finding an original hostess gift can be a real challenge during this time of year. I honestly admit, I always like giving (or receiving) a bottle of wine. It kind of is a no brainer. But for those of you, who are not as lazy as me and who want to put more effort into thanking your host or hostess, check out these cool gold gaming cards. They say chic beyond chic don’t you think? What are your go to hostess gifts this season?