Foxy Flats

Fox Flats

There is absolutely no denying that ever since that ridiculous “What does the fox say?” video came out, foxes themselves have been trending non-stop. It is totally ridiculous in a sense, yet totally amazing what pop culture can do- think about it. This really is just a little animal that funnily enough, steals any shoes left on the porch at my family’s cabin. I think it was more this background story from my childhood- rather than the need to know what kind of sound the animal makes, that made me feel even more inclined to get my hands (or feet) on these cute flats. Now hopefully nobody (or sly and furry creature) steals these shoes.

Kate Spade, I have to say, you did it again. Comfortable shoes with a perfect shape. Appropriate colour scheme for the season and adorned with the most ridiculous (and oddly chic and adorable) fox face. I love this style. I love these flats. Animal flats for adults again, for the win.


Outfit of the Day: Autumn Bundling

I wasn’t feeling great today but forced myself to make it to my meeting this afternoon. I figured if I was going to brave the trip I might was well do it while feeling cosy.


I really like this southwest inspired sweater from Forever 21, it is definitely a snuggly piece. To make things even better, my cute fingerless fox mittens ended up matching perfectly. Paired with my Burberry crossbody from the Fall ’13 collection and my photo ready J.Brand jeans. Grabbed a pair of dusty cowboy boots and I was good to go.

I Know What the Fox Says

This whole “What does the fox say?” thing has been taken to ridiculous levels. We all know that foxes are fashion-bandits in real life (I have true stories of missing shoes off the back porch from childhood) and that they don’t say a hell of a lot.

bcbg fox clutch

However, instead of ring-ting-tings and pow-pow-pows, BCBG just went ahead and answered the question for us. What does the fox say? Well, when it DOES speak, the fox simply states that we all need this new clutch because it is super cute. Bamn.