Fulton Moccasins Grey

Sometimes you come across a style of shoe from a designer that just seems to be meant for you. You buy them and wear the crap out of them, you go back and purchase another pair in another colour, and before you know it, you find yourself eagerly watching each season to see the new colours available.

I first picked up a pair of Michael Kors Fulton moccasins years and years ago- back when the design was fairly new, and MK hadn’t completely saturated itself in the market (not that that is a bad thing). My black leather ballet flats, with black hardware went everywhere with me, never pinching or rubbing and always looking brand new. I went back and bought some more pairs, and before I knew it, I had a bit of a collection. I had just found the perfect shoe (for me at that time). Of course after a while, I reminded myself that there is so much more out there than these flats and in a panic, abruptly cut off my little addiction. I had enough pairs of these to cover the population of Africa and I just new that enough was finally enough.

Anyway, for the next couple years, I admired the shoes from a bit more of a distance and wouldn’t allow myself to pick up any more when I was in a Michael Kors store. Of course, I was still shopping there regularly, who wouldn’t, but just looking at other things. A couple weeks ago, well maybe about a month ago now I walked in to my “local” Michael Kors store, just to browse and ended up bringing this pair home, among a couple other treats. It had been so long since I had worn a pair of Fulton’s (I had to get rid of most of my pairs because they were completely worn out over the years) and I absolutely could not resist the Earl Grey shade it was available in. I slipped them on, and sure enough, I remembered exactly why I loved those shoes so much and how comfy they are.

Certainly I won’t be going nuts again (any time soon but never say never) purchasing the shoe in every colour- I think that phase is done, but I will say how nice it is to wear these and for them to feel special all over again.

Have you ever bought too many of a style of shoe? Or too many of a style of anything? I always think if something works for you, you might as well buy it in every colour, print, &c. I think I just got too crazy a couple years ago with these ones…


Shoe of the Moment: Topshop Ghillie Flat

Top Shop GhillieTopshop is really putting their best foot forward, if you will. The Ghillie ballerina flat made its way onto the shoe scene fairly recently and it is really having a moment for shoeaholics and shopaholics alike.

topshop Ghillie snakeThe ballerina takes two very current trends- lace up and pointed toe, and mushes them together into one design. I don’t think there is another flat out there right now that is so on trend. Available in black, red and snake, I’d grab these now before they disappear. For the Topshop price point, I think they might be worth it. I have also seen these available in white. What do we think?

Embroidered Flats at Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana Embroiredered PumpsAs much as I love my heels, a great pair of flats can be equally as enjoyable to wear. Sometimes it is nice to just be able to slip on a pair of smoking slippers or loafers and run around in something that is easier on our feet. I try and pick my flats out with versatility in mind. I like pairs that are simple yet hold a degree of chicness (or else I’d just feel like I’m slacking if I’m in rather boring flats) and most importantly as I would any shoe, I am specific about craftsmanship.


On that note, how stunning are these embroidered flats from Dolce & Gabbana? Everything from the composition of the shoe to the amount of detail is perfection in my books. I love how these three pairs are oh-so-Italian! What great proof that you don’t need to click around in heels all day to truly have a show stopping pair of shoes. Ranging from $880 -$1300, pick up your pair now.


OOTD: October 11

A very quick OOTD, or should I say, OOTA (Outfit of the Afternoon) as I am going to change in a bit before I head out to join in the excitement tonight. I threw this on to run a few last minute errands this afternoon before Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I thought it was rather Olsen twin influenced when it all came together- oversized, snug, dark colours, high fashion in a low key manner.

Prada OOTD

I brought brought my oversized Prada bag out with a cosy olive oversized sweater from Wilfred. Paired with my favourite black Rag and Bone skinny jeans and my Lanvin smoking slippers which I still can’t hurdle over their amazingness. Bundle up with my snuggly golden scarf from Tory Burch and off I go.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving this weekend?