Platform Thickness: How Much is Too Much?

FendiDespite single soled shoes being quite in right now, I will forever love myself a good platform shoe. Not necessarily for the aesthetics of it, but for the overall comfort that a shoe like this offers. I by no means have ever had any desire to wear anything like Christian Louboutin’s daffodil pump (personal opinion of it being an inappropriate amount of platform and looks well (because I have no other words) “trashy”) but really appreciate an extra thick sole. When I was perusing my favourite footwear sites and doing some research, I stumbled across these Fendi sandals. The platform thickness is about as far as I would push it before feeling slightly rude about the whole thing, but I really think it passes my test. The white leather is buttery and the perfect backdrop agains the jewel encrusted front. I found myself really drawn to these shoes- not just to wear with a great summer dress, but I see them working even more well with a pair of leather pants and a silk blouse for when things cool down.

What is your opinion on platform thickness? I know it is certainly a topic with varied opinions. I personally enjoy a slight platform but nothing more than 1.5 inches max. The less noticable, the more chic the shoe will seem. I know some designers (i.e. Manolo Blahnik) would never produce a shoe with a platform and that is fine with me, as I adore single-soled shoes and feel that they are the epitomy of keeping a classic style, but on the flipside love wearing something with even more added height. So, what do you think? Platform or no platform? How thick should the added sole be? Does it depend on the type of shoe (I think so!)? Let me know in the comment section below!


Fox Fur Bugs For Your Feet

Fendi Bugs Shoes

The good people at Fendi have really done quite well with their fluffy little fox fur bugs. The company’s bag bugs have grown more and more popular, and now I feel that it is safe to say that the product itself is a true icon of the brand. Little Karlitos have chained themselves to the trendiest bags across the blogosphere and as a result of its popularity, the company has chosen to demonstrate the power of a little fox fur and big eyes on a pair of shoes.

Fendi Bugs Shoes

These designs are all about fun- exactly what Fendi intends their products to be. Not afraid of colour, texture, full of youth and everything that you could expect from Rome’s most famous designer. I’ve only grabbed a couple examples (the most currently available) designs to share on this blog, but if you’re interested in seeing more, I know that places like Saks and the Fendi website itself will have all that you need.

Fendi Bug Shoes

So, what do you think of these? Are they too over the top or are you not opposed to having some furry little critters on your feet? I think owning a pair would be perfectly perfect.

Fendi Glitter Wedge

Fendi glitter wedge

Well it is safe to say that Stuart Weitzman isn’t the only one producing over-the-top wedges for the Spring and Summer. The proud Roman design house Fendi, known for their rather loud shoe designs has also come up with a “glitter” wedge for this season. Completely different from Weitzman’s invisible PVC and glitter design, Fendi has taken a more in your face approach. The silver wedge with a slight cut out is great and full of amazing texture while the patent blue straps are seemingly a bit more easy to work with. Between the mixed metal colours, shot of pastel and varying textures, this certainly is not a throw on and go type shoe; but rather a carefully thought out piece of footwear that needs as much attention to styling as the designer put into creating it.

What do you think? Is it too much or are you a firm believer that in the shoe world, more is, well, more?

Here to Stay? PVC Pumps

Fendi  PVC and Leather

So I admit it, when the PVC trend in footwear first came out I was entirely skeptical. I thought it looked kinda cheapy and wasn’t really sure where things were going. Then, last Spring I tried on a pair of Louboutins that featured PVC in the shoe, from the Spring collection and I started to get it. 

PVC isn’t all-that-bad when it is done properly. It isn’t terrible when made by a quality shoe designer or else yeah, it is tacky as ever. The key as in all designs is about quality. This is no exception. I’m coming around more towards the PVC trend in shoes and while I don’t personally own a pair yet, I’m no longer saying never. The good folks at Fendi are helping me keep my mind open over this one. 

I really like the design of this PVC and leather pump by Fendi. Kind of space age in an unexpected way. Like with all PVC pumps I’ve researched, they are truly a shoe that is going to look much better on someone’s foot. You know how sometimes a piece of clothing looks awful on a hanger and then you try it on in the fitting room anyway and BAMN! Instant love? That is exactly how these shoes work. Like bamn. 

What are your opinions about the PVC trend in footwear? I’m finding myself coming around to it more and more. I’m understanding it a bit more and am trying my best to stay open.