Christian Louboutin: Lace Follies

Louboutin follies lace 100

I cannot resist a good ol’ eye catching Louboutin. I’m keeping this short today, as really, the stilettos speak for themselves. I think what I really like about this pair is that they seem a little more mature than many Loubs I see available. Does that sound crazy? Do you know what I mean? I think I am just talking about the oversized studded platform designs by CL that I can’t stand. Anyway. I like a more classy elegance in a shoe is what I am trying to say.

The Louboutin Follies in lace are beautiful. I am obsessed with the colour scheme on these heels! They remind me of those beautiful warm toned neutral eyeshadow palettes that have a pop of blue or a pop of burnt red shadow in them. But only they are lace stilettos. And you wear them on your feet instead of your eyelids. Oh god. Trying to write when you are stretched out on the couch, contemplating a nap is not a great thing. Sorry.

Sorry not sorry, because can we just take pause and notice the embossed leather heel cap as well? What perfect contrast and an unexpected design feature. It compliments the piping so well I can’t even handle it.

I have no other words, just one last thought: that these are some of the most beautiful Christian Louboutin follies I have ever seen.

Thank you to all my readers for stopping by, don’t forget to say hello in the comment section below! I hope you all had a great long weekend and are enjoying the first signs of Spring. It isn’t snowing or -36 here today so that is a start.


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Pink Pumps: Part 1

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Whether you choose to celebrate the hallmark holiday or not, this is the time of year where chocolate consumption is highly encouraged- undoing whatever resolution you set for the new year, roses are in abundance and candy hearts are unavoidable. But for me, I just like seeing the colour pink everywhere. Who are we kidding, I eat chocolate all the time (except I gave up all treats for Lent this year) and I celebrate my relationships daily, so I don’t need a special day set aside for any of that.

Anyway, I thought that this long weekend I would share with you a short series of pink pumps that I’ve selected, perfect for the season.


These Louboutins certainly say more about themselves than I ever could. They are just so¬†perfect; I mean, look at them. If you don’t know why I picked this pair then you don’t know me at all. The perfect mix of red, magenta and white, a spray painted texture with a glossy, patent finish, designed by the red-sole king himself. What is there not to love?

Do you have plans for the long weekend? I am looking forward to a bit of pampering and a pedicure later today and making an attempt at relaxing.

Sitting Pretty: Christian Louboutin’s Highest Heel

Good morning and happy Saturday! I’m going to try and catch up on a couple posts here today so be sure to check back a few times this weekend.

Christian Louboutin is obviously known for his sky high designs, sharp stilettos, seemingly uncomfortable shoes and of course, his famous red soles. The So Kate pump emerged a couple seasons ago at a teetering 120mm. However, this is actually not the designers steepest sole.

Christian Louboutin Hot ChickAppropriately named “Hot Chick” these shoes wreck your feet at a whopping 130mm. These definitely are a shoe not made for walking around or standing for long periods of time, more so, made for sitting pretty while nibbling on french macarons over a cup of tea. So now I want to know from you, how high is too high? Would you invest in a pair of shoes that are not comfortable to hang around in?

I really admire Christian Louboutin and what he has accomplished in the world of shoe design, but for that height, I’d prefer to add a bit of a platform to make it happen. They’re quite beautiful and I really like the scalloped heel, but if you can comfortably walk around in a shoe with that crazy a pitch, please, let me know and tell me your secret.

Glass Slippers by Christian Louboutin

Lily James Cinderella Shoe

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that there is a new Cinderella movie coming out on Friday. And here is a confession for you: I am totally excited. The truth is, at some point, almost every girl fancies herself as some sort of Disney princess (or real life princess). Maybe it is because they share the same hair colour, or love a certain song or just want “that” dress, but whatever the reason, it seems to just happen.

So lets stop and step back and think about the author of this post for a moment. Blonde. Pulls off the colour blue very well-infact has more blue dresses than necessary. Not opposed to riding in magic carriages and is a shoe fanatic. Also doesn’t mind doing extra laundry and also tries to talk to animals whether they understand her or not. Yeah. Truth, I kind of love Cinderella. I kind of am Cinderella? Only replace the evil step-mother with very loving regular parents, and add skepticism in allowing a stranger appear out of nowhere and using magic to turn my stuff into something Royal Ball appropriate (my stuff is always Royal ball appropriate).

*Note: I came to these conclusions after finally realising one day that I can’t sport bright red hair forever and will never be able to grow a pair of flippers*

Louboutin Cinderella Slippers

So, with the release of this new Cinderella movie on Friday, my first question naturally was “who designed the shoes for her costume?” To my delight I found out. Christian Louboutin. I had a hunch about it from the moment I heard about the movie. Now, if you have been reading my blog for quite a while, you might remember this post from 2012 about Christian Louboutin releasing limited edition “glass slippers”. If you haven’t, I strongly recommend you check it out, I have all the details about the shoe itself in it.

Actress Lily James has been appearing at numerous premiers for the movie in beautiful gowns and sporting our favourite glass slippers. The movie itself has sparked many fashion opportunities for designers, bloggers, models and other various players in the fashion industry. Canadian model Coco Rocha recently released (along with reality actress turned blogger Lauren Conrad) a slew of pieces of clothing inspired by the film. Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, among others, has reinterpreted the glass slipper. It has been so much fun to follow the snowball of creativity in design following such a film. Now lets hope that the film is actually as good as the shoes are.

Ps- What Disney character do you most strongly identify yourself with?