I can’t believe it has taken this long to share one of my favorite pairs with you but I suppose it is better to do so now than never. I picked up my Charlotte Olympia kitty slippers in black velvet when I was in New York last Summer. I couldn’t believe my luck walking into Saks to find that they actually had the forever sold-out shoe in my size, never mind the particular design I had been hunting for. Believe me, the hunt honestly took months- years, but I have to say it is worth it. Charlotte Olympia kitten slippers have turned into a cult classic for a reason, they totally live up to all the hype. Look for these slippers in different colors and materials, Charlotte has a great, creative imagination and has provided us with an immense amount of options. 


Desert Nights

I love travelling. I love packing and leaving my home and arriving in a new place (or a new home) hours or a day or week later. I love the escape from the norm and the new adventures it brings. This time next week I will have arrived in Arizona. Arizona is one of my favourite places to travel- I have been going there since I was a kid and now have my favourite places to eat, shop, hike, and lounge about. I will never get bored or tired of it. And I will especially never get tired of the heat.

Part of the fun for me is packing for a warm (ok, hot) climate in the middle of Winter. It reached -40 here last week and I know that I will be in +30 next week. So, I go to where I keep all my summer shorts, rompers and dresses and have a great time picking out what I want to wear. Once I’ve tackled my clothes, I head to where all my sandals have been stored.

Charlotte Olympia Cactus ShoePerusing the Charlotte Olympia website this morning I came across these “Desert Night” wedges from the Cruise ’15 collection. I went berserk. They immediately reminded me of all my time down south and my upcoming trip. How perfect would it be to jaunt around Scottsdale in these? Exactly.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend- I woke up with a miserable sore throat this morning and am hoping that with the amount of tea and soup I’ve had today it will be gone by tomorrow.

Charlotte Olympia’s Closet

For someone who has an ever changing wardrobe, I always love taking a peek inside other’s closets. I admit that my closets and drawers are completely spilling everywhere with its innards and I have to rotate my clothing and accessories by season. As the weather cools down, I swap my sun dresses for sweaters and sandals for an array of boots. What is not working for the season goes into *sniff* storage. In all honesty, it is quite the first world problem and I dare not complain.

This being said, I adore looking at other closets to peek at the contents and (sometimes more excitingly) the storage “techniques”. Last week the lovely Charlotte Olympia gave us a pass into her downright amazing closet. Here are my favourite pieces that she shared with us.

charlotte olympia closet charlotte3 charlotte8 charlotte9 charlotte10 charlotte11 charlotteolympia3 charlotteolympia5

Hands Up

Ah, another novelty design by Charlotte Olympia. I’ve been sharing a lot of her work lately but I keep finding all these delightfully kitschy (yet just charming enough) designs that I just find so worth sharing with you. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share some boring pairs with you soon enough.

charlote olympia hands

Anyway, what is our verdict on these Hands Up pumps? I think they are cute, yet subtle enough to pass as a basic cut out bootie (below). Regardless, they’d certainly make anyone do a double take. The sling back pair, pictured above might be a little more daring but I like them too for other reasons: Toe shape, dual tone, and how she didn’t just revert to her Dolly design to make her inspiration for this design come to life. It is another round of applause for C.O. in my books.

charlotte olympia hands