Springing Ahead in these Boots

Apparently it is officially Spring. Looking out the window, I know that springtime in Canada also looks a lot like Winter, Fall, and one very freaky day in July years ago (Does anyone else remember when it snowed at the Calgary Stampede?!). So, in celebration of the new season, I’ve chosen this pair of beautiful ankle boots from Nine West that seems to be inclusive of all the seasons here in the Great White North.

floral booties nine west

Like I mention, these gems are designed by Nine West; what I didn’t get a chance to tell you is that I actually scored them at the end of last Summer, when all the Autumn designs were coming out. Pretty great right? Now I know that these pictures do the booties absolutely no justice but you have to believe me when I use the word stunning.

The velvet upper is extremely soft, the shoe fits true to size (I find that most Nine West shoes are true to size) and they are very comfortable to wear. Not to mention that with the colours of the velvet they are surprisingly durable, and really hide any grit and dirt you might pick up off the ground throughout the day.

floral booties nine west

Yup, these ankle boots are becoming a favourite pair of mine, more and more. And what is best, that an Autumnal boot has carried me through the tail end of Winter (I couldn’t wear these until I moved into my new place because they had to be packed up with the rest of my shoe collection) and into the Spring.

I really truly would recommend Nine West footwear to anyone who is looking for a pair of good quality, long lasting shoes but doesn’t want to break the bank too, too much. I’ve owned a ton of pairs and different styles over the years: boots to some of my favourite pairs of pumps, and even a couple pairs of flats. They just make good shoes and use good quality material. These floral booties are no exception.

What does Spring look like in your corner of the world? It seems that all across the globe, chillier weather has been making its rounds. How are you battling this with your footwear? I am on Winter boot strike now. I will just have to walk along the powdery sidewalk and across the ice in far less sensible footwear. Let me know in the comments below!


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Where I’ve Been…

Hey all! So, yesterday I relaunched Talk To My Shoes (who the hell relaunches a website on a Thursday morning is beyond me… No. It is me…) and said I’d give a little 2017 update to pull you back into my world. I know it is a little late in the month to be all reflective on the year past and stuff, but believe it or not, I did get up to some pretty exciting adventures and still want to share. In no particular order:

Last year I continued teaching at my school, performed in a ton of concerts, hit up a ton of concerts and surrounded myself with good music. Garth Brooks (third row!!!), Brett Kissel, George Canyon all fuelled my country music-heart while bands like Steel Panther gave me my fill of filthy glam-rock. I bought a new guitar and gear, played the piano- digging up a few Beethoven sonatas from the past, and learned nearly every song by The Rolling Stones on the ukulele.

I spent a ton of time with family and loved ones and became an aunt. Celebrated the holidays with the in-law side of the family and spent Thanksgiving in Alberta with my folks, packing up my house for a big move.

2017-04-01 11.40.51-1

In March and April I travelled the furthest from home I’ve been- to Australia for a whirlwind ten days. I am still obsessed with koalas, I fed kangaroos and wallabies, watched little penguins in the wild, sunburned my skin, and embraced every bloody moment of it. I am desperate to go back. Friendly people, great food, beautiful weather and only a 16 hour or so flight from Vancouver to Brisbane.

To nobody’s surprise I continued to dance my heart out. At one point in the year I was taking at least six Zumba classes a week on top of some other dance classes here and there, running and resistance training. I felt great and through Zumba especially, have made some life-long friends. Music and dancing really pulls people together and what is more motivating to come to class when you know some of your best friends are going to be there too?

2017-07-27 22.34.16.jpg

And finally, I continued to feed my shoe, fashion and beauty addictions. I continued designing shoes, playing with texture and accents of colour, became absolutely obsessed with ColourPop cosmetics along with a few other brands, and focused my energy to my daily style uniforms for each season. Above is the moment last Summer when I simply could not find my new brow gel and ended up making a mess in the process of it. I never did find that little pot by Anastasia.

2017-11-20 19.23.54

So, after all of that, a move to a new province and parting ways with my friends and work (not goodbye, just see ya later!), I am sitting here landlocked in the middle of the beautiful Canadian prairies in my new home. There is a lot to come on the horizon and tons to be excited about, but for now I think I should just go finish my lunch and continue on.

Thank you again to anyone who has stopped by. Don’t forget to say hello! I love hearing from my readers and would like to get a sense of anyone who is coming for a visit!


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Staying Warm

Meanwhile in Canada…. The geese have gtfo, the temperature has been hovering around -30C where I live, and a moose fell through the ice and into the river. Seems to me that we are in the full swing of Winter up here. Oh yeah, and Santa is on his way.


I feel like living in the Great White North I miss out on all those cute “Winter dressing” outfits that everyone is posting. I read stupid articles about “How to stay warm in the winter” and see pictures has some girl wearing bare legs, over the knee boots and a sweater. Right. Brr. Cold. Hah. It drives me nuts because it just isn’t realistic for me. I am not really complaining, more so curious. I need a contrast in weather and temperature throughout the year or else I would probably go nuts. I need four seasons. But mostly just Summer and Winter.


After going through a cold snap over the last, what? Two weeks of -30ish weather and brutal winds I look forward to knowing it is warming up to a toasty -10 soon enough. But what does one actually wear? Because there is no way in hell I would walk outside in my Lowland boots with anything bare.


I go with jeans or leggings for sure, nothing crazy; my trusty Canada Goose (it is like wearing a sleeping bag outside, I love it) and most importantly, a good pair of boots. Now, it is like every time I mention the word Uggs somebody somewhere opens up a can of worms. Yes, Uggs are slippers really, and no they are not the best shoe for the winter. Snow and salt ruins them quickly as you’d observe here and they certainly are not meant for anything other than walking with a bag of groceries to the truck, or with wooly socks to the skating rink. But, for a short period of time, if it is dry enough, Uggs are perfect to wear outside in the cold. Also, who doesn’t like to feel comfy and cosy?


I’m currently on the market for a new pair, just to add to a few options as far as Winter boots go when I’m out and about. I have a pair of tan Short Classics and a heavy pair of tall Adirondack boots that have saved my life a few times. But for a shoe girl, that is quite limiting. I’ve shared with you a few pairs from the Uggs website that have caught my eye. Ugg Australia has really spruced things up as of late and stepped up their game. I love the new materials and designs. One of my favourite pairs? Bethany (pictured above), recently spotted on Rosie HW, never would have caught my eye before. Now? I need to try them on.


What do you wear on your feet when temperatures “plunge”? I am always so curious. I know I have a lot of readers living in chilly climates so I would love to hear from you. And you too, my readers that live where 10C is chilly (lucky ducks), you’re always welcome too.


Victoria Weekend Photo Diary

Ironically enough, I spent Victoria Day (and a couple days before) in Victoria, British Columbia. A couple posts ago, I mentioned that I shared in the joy and celebration of my brother’s marriage. While I am still trying to gather pictures from the weekend’s main event, I have a couple pictures I uploaded via Instagram (@talktomyshoes) that I thought I’d share on here as well. Most of them are taken from my whale watching adventure but regardless, it is still a bit of a peek into a few days well spent.


I had an amazing time being a bridesmaid for my new sister-in-law! She made the bouquet herself, beautiful isn’t it?

When we arrived in Victoria on the first afternoon, I spent some time with family just watching the float planes land in the harbour. I think E was practically in heaven! 10931163_10101164765523566_602976974343377081_n

Because my dad and I are BFF’s and total (proud) dorks, we did not stop ourselves from taking our selfies- even on our whale watching adventure. I thought that I would end up with more selfies on that trip than pictures of whales- thank goodness someone has better whale-capturing-photography-skills than I because all my pictures sucked. Selfie included. Whale pictures to be shared soon. Dad’s hat by Coach haha! 11165324_10101158047636266_6848398111129700494_n

Meet Plumpy, the harbour seal. I thought we were pretty good friends but I found it awkward he kept reading out for wet hugs and flaring his nostrils at me. Nevertheless, we got along quite well. 11168019_10101171237902866_942024317164114241_n

A little outfit of the day action on our catamaran. So what am I wearing? Layers upon layers because the ocean is breezy. Oversize sweater from Aritzia, and a pink lulu shirt you can see popping out underneath (also a tshirt that reads “It’s getting haute in here” and a tank underneath. Told you I went nuts on the layers). Scarf by Tory Burch, Sunglasses by Chanel. Leggings by TNA and some of my favourite flats by Salvatore Ferragamo. Burberry crossbody. 11206019_10101152030589476_2360690808018268844_nFunny to end with one of the first things I did but the windswept look really captures a lot of the weekend. We took a little harbour taxi- so cute!- on our way to an accidental mid-day lounge hopping fest. Wearing my Tory Burch Scarf, Chanel Sunglasses and Trench and Crossbody by Burberry.

Anyway, I am hoping to have more pictures to share with you soon. Life has really kicked up its pace and has been incredibly busy for me lately. Unfortunately/fortunately it can be expected to be that way for a while. I’ll still be trying my best to update as regularly as possible. As I gradually share some posts I’m sure you’ll see a little more of what is going on. Looking forward to some great things to come!

I hope that you’re all doing excellent, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say hello in the comments section! I always love hearing from each of you!