4 Things: From Burberry I Love

If you know me, you probably know that I am a pretty big Burberry fan. My first Burberry purchase was years ago, surprisingly a pair of leather trimmed rainboots that are so chic they can pass off as beautiful riding boots. From there my love for the British fashion house expanded (as well as my closet) and now I with ease can say that I pledge allegiance to Christopher Bailey, the classic check, gabardine and all else that is good.

After scanning through the website a couple weeks ago, I put together a quick wishlist of four pairs of footwear that I am particularly loving from this season. Keep on reading to find out what they are and why they’ve earned my stamp of approval.

Burberry pumps

What: calf hair pumps in a perfect dalmatian print. Why: Black, red and white is one of my favourite colour combinations. Dalmatian is an unexpected print in a world of leopard. This shoe is all about texture and contrast without being completely over the top. Also, that red leather lining? Yes please.

pink burberry boots

What: Pink suede ankle booties with an open toe. Why: It can be incredibly difficult to find a pair of ankle boots for the Spring that don’t look and feel heavy. Between the soft suede, light pink shade, and the pencil thin stiletto this is a very clean and versatile pick for Spring. Also, the bit of slouchiness at the top of the boot keep things from getting too formal.

Burberry Sneaker

What: Multicoloured leather sneakers. Why: I don’t know what is up with me lately, I used to rarely wear sneakers (I still hardly do but my sneaker collection has grown regardless)  but now I find myself admiring more and more pairs. Maybe they are just becoming more chic? This shoe is made in tons of different colour combinations but I think I liked this pair with the punch of lime green.

burberry sneaker boot

What: Sneaker stilettos with an open toe in jewel tones. Why: Honestly, I had the hardest time deciding which colour of these to share with you, I liked them all. Also available in a rich pink and marigold. I think these are fun, sure, perhaps not quite as versatile as other shoes but if you wear these you don’t need to worry about making a statement with the rest of your outfit. These will turn enough heads as it is.

What is your favourite pair from above? Sound off in the comments below!


OOTD: Greetings from Arizona

Greetings from sunny and warm Arizona! My holiday is obviously fabulous so far- of course it is knowing I’ve spent the last two days outside in the sunshine relaxing. Today I headed over to one of my favourite shopping spots for a little bit of an adventure. Before I left, I thought I’d snap a little outfit of the day action for you!


There isn’t much to this outfit. I’m wearing mostly old purchases but have found new ways to style them so they feel new again. However, my kickass denim jacket you see I picked up a couple of weeks ago from Burberry. I had been looking for a white denim jacket that wasn’t too boxy or heavy for ages and years later I finally found one! Also, you might recognize those sunglasses by Jimmy Choo from a few years ago. They are the first pair of JC glasses I got, it has been fun to revive them lately and bring them on this trip!

I hope everyone is having a great Family Day weekend- or for any Yankees stopping by- Happy Presidents Day!

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 12

Burberry Guard Keychain

I already said that I hope your tree is now up and decorated (with those silly John Deere ornaments), but if for some crazy reason you haven’t (and at this point you have absolutely  no excuse, not even if you are Mr. Scrooge), Burberry has come up with some little trinkets to aid you in feeling more festive that really couldn’t be more perfect.

My house is covered in little military knick-knacks here and there, all which have quite a unique story. I won’t get into that with you, but at Christmas, a lot of my decorations involve nutcrackers and toy soldiers of all shapes and sizes. So naturally, when I found this little guy as I perused through Burberry’s collection,  I wished I could pick him up. Although, he must be a Grenadier as his tunic buttons are clearly not two by two… Hmm…

Outfit of the Day: Autumn Bundling

I wasn’t feeling great today but forced myself to make it to my meeting this afternoon. I figured if I was going to brave the trip I might was well do it while feeling cosy.


I really like this southwest inspired sweater from Forever 21, it is definitely a snuggly piece. To make things even better, my cute fingerless fox mittens ended up matching perfectly. Paired with my Burberry crossbody from the Fall ’13 collection and my photo ready J.Brand jeans. Grabbed a pair of dusty cowboy boots and I was good to go.