Seasonal Suede

Regina suede knee bootOver this last Autumn season suede seems to be everything. Suede bags, suede jackets, pants and skirts, flats and naturally suede boots. There is a lot to be said about the material itself- it is soft and chic and really just looks exquisite. Personally I prefer a nice suede article over anything patent but of course upkeep comes at a cost. Suede is one of those materials that you need to tend to, and tend to well, or else it gets pretty raggy looking pretty darn fast. When I found these chocolate brown suede boots (oh how luxe!) I knew that I was easily committed to the care and upkeep needed to pull these off on a regular basis. And I have. These boots are so current- yet versatile (it seems like every blog post lately has had these two elements combined) that I honestly have been styling them with everything from skinny jeans to giraffe print jersey knits. They rock.


Foxy Flats

Fox Flats

There is absolutely no denying that ever since that ridiculous “What does the fox say?” video came out, foxes themselves have been trending non-stop. It is totally ridiculous in a sense, yet totally amazing what pop culture can do- think about it. This really is just a little animal that funnily enough, steals any shoes left on the porch at my family’s cabin. I think it was more this background story from my childhood- rather than the need to know what kind of sound the animal makes, that made me feel even more inclined to get my hands (or feet) on these cute flats. Now hopefully nobody (or sly and furry creature) steals these shoes.

Kate Spade, I have to say, you did it again. Comfortable shoes with a perfect shape. Appropriate colour scheme for the season and adorned with the most ridiculous (and oddly chic and adorable) fox face. I love this style. I love these flats. Animal flats for adults again, for the win.

Cozying Up with Alexander McQueen

McQueen folded detail ankle boot

There is something about wearing the perfect shearling bootie during this time of year that takes the idea of comfort and coziness over the top. I’ve always been a big fan of shearling, ever since I was a little kid. Growing up my parents had a shearling rug at the side of their bed that I’d sneak ¬†onto and wrap myself up in more often than not. Now, I find myself wrapping up in shearling in other ways- wearing snuggly boots and warm vests or trimmed sweaters.

When I saw these boots by Alexander McQueen I immediately was sold on them. They are that perfect type of impractical practical bootie for the autumn months; a stiletto so high you need super powers to walk in them, balanced by a brilliant sole with a great tread. Add on a buckle across the arch of the foot and some durable leather and this boot is really no less than ideal for this time of year.

What is your take on shearling? Every once in a while it emerges (with the exception of a good pair of Uggs) from the shadows of its good friend faux fur (or real fur!) and makes a perfect statement. Personally, I can’t resist.

T-Straps are an All Times Shoe

Carolina Herrera FW 14

Once again, a somewhat forgotten shoe from my desktop. I honestly forgot that the shoe features a nice berry shade and had convinced myself that it is in fact a lot more nautical themed. Nope. That is what happens when I neglect a shoe that I had strategically selected months and months ago. Regardless, I feel right about sharing this shoe now. Yes, the cut and physical design of the shoe is very summery- like a t-strap design on steroids, however, the colours remind me of all those articles on “transitioning your makeup from summer to autumn” that have been popping up over the last couple weeks. Did anyone ever say a rich berry colour doesn’t work for this season? Sure, it isn’t very orange-y or burnt as it the preference now, but, I think I’m more likely to wear a dark berry lip than some burnt mustard colour. Right? right. And as for the navy? Well didn’t a bunch of you try and convince us that it is the new black? So there. Carolina Herrera: she created another all-the-time shoe. Ta-da!