Where I’ve Been…

Hey all! So, yesterday I relaunched Talk To My Shoes (who the hell relaunches a website on a Thursday morning is beyond me… No. It is me…) and said I’d give a little 2017 update to pull you back into my world. I know it is a little late in the month to be all reflective on the year past and stuff, but believe it or not, I did get up to some pretty exciting adventures and still want to share. In no particular order:

Last year I continued teaching at my school, performed in a ton of concerts, hit up a ton of concerts and surrounded myself with good music. Garth Brooks (third row!!!), Brett Kissel, George Canyon all fuelled my country music-heart while bands like Steel Panther gave me my fill of filthy glam-rock. I bought a new guitar and gear, played the piano- digging up a few Beethoven sonatas from the past, and learned nearly every song by The Rolling Stones on the ukulele.

I spent a ton of time with family and loved ones and became an aunt. Celebrated the holidays with the in-law side of the family and spent Thanksgiving in Alberta with my folks, packing up my house for a big move.

2017-04-01 11.40.51-1

In March and April I travelled the furthest from home I’ve been- to Australia for a whirlwind ten days. I am still obsessed with koalas, I fed kangaroos and wallabies, watched little penguins in the wild, sunburned my skin, and embraced every bloody moment of it. I am desperate to go back. Friendly people, great food, beautiful weather and only a 16 hour or so flight from Vancouver to Brisbane.

To nobody’s surprise I continued to dance my heart out. At one point in the year I was taking at least six Zumba classes a week on top of some other dance classes here and there, running and resistance training. I felt great and through Zumba especially, have made some life-long friends. Music and dancing really pulls people together and what is more motivating to come to class when you know some of your best friends are going to be there too?

2017-07-27 22.34.16.jpg

And finally, I continued to feed my shoe, fashion and beauty addictions. I continued designing shoes, playing with texture and accents of colour, became absolutely obsessed with ColourPop cosmetics along with a few other brands, and focused my energy to my daily style uniforms for each season. Above is the moment last Summer when I simply could not find my new brow gel and ended up making a mess in the process of it. I never did find that little pot by Anastasia.

2017-11-20 19.23.54

So, after all of that, a move to a new province and parting ways with my friends and work (not goodbye, just see ya later!), I am sitting here landlocked in the middle of the beautiful Canadian prairies in my new home. There is a lot to come on the horizon and tons to be excited about, but for now I think I should just go finish my lunch and continue on.

Thank you again to anyone who has stopped by. Don’t forget to say hello! I love hearing from my readers and would like to get a sense of anyone who is coming for a visit!


Talk To My Shoes


Happy 2017! 

Happy 2017 to all my readers! It has been a little slow going here with the end of holidays- I managed to get a little run down so I’m trying to take it easy until I get back to work and am launched back into sheer chaos. There is a LOT to look forward to in 2017 so hopefully I’ll be able to share with you as much as possible. 

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to post first this year but what better way to kick off the new year with one of my latest (and favourite) designs. 

I designed these back in October and they arrived somewhere near mid November. Do I even need to say that they have been in high rotation since? These made appearances at numerous Christmas parties, concerts and even joined me for super casual work days. If you haven’t figured by now, I love anything glitzy with sparkle. I mentioned years ago that I potentially might be part magpie. That still remains. There is absolutely no inspiration to this design other than the fact that one morning I woke up with a huge craving for bronze glitter. So, over breakfast, I sat down and simple made it happen. With subtle piping detail. Simple as that. But what do you think? They are easily one of my favourite and most comfy pairs I’ve designed. I know I’ll be reaching for them again and again. 

Hope everyone’s 2017 has started out in style. All the best to you and yours in this new year!