Arizona Adventure

While it was what now feels like eons ago, my trip down south actually was still quite recent. Scottsdale, Arizona is one of my favourite places to visit on the planet, I love how it is a home away from home, a place where I can relax, soak up some much needed vitamin d, and just run free.


Ironically I have such a soft spot for cactus, prickly pears are certainly a favourite- especially in bloom in the spring time!


This little bunny (I decided to name Paul Rudd for some random reason) kept us company with beautiful bouquets of flowers at the table. He is so cute that next time I am bringing him home.


Everyone has different views of what artwork is. I snapped a pic of this hanging on the wall in my neighbours house. The teeny tiniest scorpions I’ve ever laid eyes on.


Being simple minded brings happiness in simple ways. For Rusty, this canvas tote is the ultimate toy.

IMG_2058Morning Run

Two different routes on my morning runs through the desert. It doesn’t matter if it is a thousand degrees outside. With scenery like this I’d run for miles.


Words of Wisdom

FullSizeRender (7)

Ahahahahahahaha! I found this last night on Instagram and am still laughing. Is anyone else like this? It totally reminds me of all the times I’d dress up to go to Crappy Tire (Canadian Tire) and Superstore in Moose Jaw. I’d wear a string of pearls and a pair of Jimmy Choos, and get the best looks.

Sometimes it is just nice to look nice.

Happy Hallowe’en from Talk to My Shoes!

Whether you’re sitting on your couch with the lights off to avoid trick-or-treaters (or scaring yourself sh*tless watching an eerie movie) or primping for a party, let these amazing pumpkins push you a bit further into the Hallowe’en spirit!

Fashion Halloween Pumpkins main-2.original.585x0 main-3.original.585x0

OOTD: October 5th

Last week finally caught up to me so by the time Friday night hit, I was feeling pretty done and done. It made for a hard earned relaxing(ish) weekend. I only ran out a couple times and for not very long.

j.crew monk strap black

I had been wanting to wear my Rag & Bone boyfriend jeans with these monk strap shoes from J.Crew for a while now and I finally got around to giving it a whirl. I loved the result, paired with an oversize olive green sweater by Wilfred, my Michael Kors wool coat and a giant Prada bag.

Also, I don’t know what the view is like from your backyard but I had a Snowbirds show in mine late Friday afternoon.

Snowbirds Canada