OOTD: San Gimignano


A couple weeks ago I spent the day exploring the Tuscany region and all the Italian culture it has to offer. One of the highlights of my trip was an afternoon spent in San Gimignano (San Jimmy-Meow-Meow), a medieval hill top town south of Florence. The town is not only known for its many towers, but for its world-famous gelato. Yup, that is right, the “Best gelato in the world” is made there.

So here I am, battling the heat in an off the shoulder Wilfred dress and my Gucci disco soho crossbody, looking for more gelato as I had just run out. Unfortunately there wasn’t any in the well, though perhaps it was for the best as I would have shamelessly attempted to steal it.

This is easily one of my favourite pictures from the trip and my favourite memories. While I loved exploring ancient ruins in Rome, there is something about medieval architecture and street art (there were faded out crests on the stone walls lining the towers) that just pulls at my heart strings. Probably because it is as close to a fairy tale I will get, or the knights who say “Ni!”



Saturday Accessories


I plan on doing a little catch-up blogging over the next while. I have tons to share with you from my trip to Arizona over Easter break, and a lot of excitement coming up through the Spring. A couple weekends ago I went out with some girlfriends for dinner and had fun picking out some accessories before the night began.

I got those Manolo Blahnik BB pumps a couple years ago and I still love them just as much as I did when I first grabbed them. The colour is everything, don’t you think? Unfortunately they are a bit more stiff than some of my other pairs of Manolos so they don’t make it out quite as often as I’d like them to. I think at this point I own more BB style pumps than any other type of stiletto- and if you know my shoe closet you’d understand that that is quite the statement. Really they are just a great shoe. I know I compare them to Jimmy Choo’s Abel quite often but I have to say that MB is currently outnumbering JC. I can’t wait to share with you the latest addition from my trip on here. Don’t forget to stay tuned for that!

You may also remember that kissy face clutch by Kate Spade. It has made it onto Talk to My Shoes a few times now. I picked it up about a year ago while in Arizona when I was putting together an outfit for a special celebratory evening for E’s work. I love that it is a great size and super versatile- it holds everything, and more than what you would want to carry with you in a clutch and works just as well in the day time with a pair of jeans as it does in the evening with a cute dress. Definitely one of my better purchases. My favourite part? The “Hello Stranger” stamp on the backside.

I hope that everyone had a great Easter and that the Spring is treating you well. Today is very windy yet it is sunny so at least it is motivating to get up and get at ‘er. Thanks again for stopping by! Hugs.

A NYC TravelDiary. Kind of.

I’m back!!! But I honestly feel like I have been hiding because I am exhausted from my most recent trip and have so much to share, say and do I don’t really know where to start. I definitely have some new pairs of shoes and reviews to share with you, and outfits of the day but that will all come later. Let me first explain my absence… You see, I’ve been hangin’ out in NEW YORK CITY!

I couldn’t wait to share with everyone the news, I secretly planned the trip months ago when I scored (desperately waited for) tickets to see my most BFF ever, Taylor Swift. I have spent the last week or so in the Big Apple shopping, sight seeing, attending shows and eating the best food ever. I had a very different trip compared to my last one two years ago but still had a great time.

Anyway, here are a couple pics in an attempt to convey the chaos I’ve been through in the last week.

Taylor Swift 1989 Tour

Just a little taste of the great view from a great concert. We had amazing seats and had a great time. Also particularly loved Heidi Klum’s appearance during Style.

photo 2 (1)

I wore my mega dorky “Team Taylor” shirt to the concert like the dorky fan I am, accompanied by my most amazeballs Michael Kors pants. And you know what? Whatever, I was super comfy and had fun. AND got compliments on my shirt. Win.

photo 3 (1)


We ate great food at the lounge of our hotel. I spent the week sleeping at The Pierre- one of the city’s finest so I was in good hands. We also found a Lego store and brought this little unicorn for snack time one afternoon.


I didn’t pick any of these up, but I found the complete collection of Louboutin nail polish at Saks. The original rouge colour polish had it’s first birthday so why not use it as an excuse to celebrate?


This was my outfit on my second afternoon in the city. I generally tuck my shirt into this skirt but was so drawn to the undone lazy look that day I just rolled with it. My Gucci crossbody from the Soho collection is one of my absolute favourites. It is a perfect size for running around and staying hands-free!

photo 1

I was lucky enough to attend two Broadway shows during my stay. I grew up quite the theatre geek and am a firm believer that musicals make the world go round. If you really know me, you’d know that I definitely sing and dance spontaneously at the opportune moment or even at completely inappropriate times. Kinky Boots was wonderful, if you love shoes (you must, you’re reading my blog) you need to see this.

photo 1 (1)

The second night I saw the production “Something Rotten” which I have to say was absolutely hilarious. Anything that makes fun of the renaissance and Shakespeare is right up my alley. Don’t get me wrong, I studied English all through university, so hearing the lyrics of various sonnets and lines from plays sung and accompanied by tap dancing was all very welcoming in my book.

photo 2

photo 3

At Rockefeller center they displayed the most beautiful pieces of art I had ever viewed in my life. I’d kill to get my hands on some of these paintings. Don’t they just win at life?

Anyway, that is a taste of my trip, as I said before, lots of outfits and shoe reivews to come! Apologies again for the absence and looking forward to hearing from you! Hope everyone is having an amazing summer!

What I Wore: Bridesmaid Style

The last weekend of each month I like to try and share a couple of my favourite street style looks, but instead I thought I’d share with you a couple pictures from my brother’s wedding that I attended last month in Victoria. I was absolutely honoured to be invited to stand up for my now sister-in-law and be a bridesmaid. What a great experience!

I loved being able to use collaborate with my new sister to come up with my final look. Everything in the end turned out really great and I could not be happier! It truly was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. If you are reading this, I love you both!

bridesmaid prep

The day started out with a little hair and makeup. There is nothing better than being pampered! Also, I woke up without a voice that morning and had come down with some sort of crazy bug. I felt pretty alright- just no voice!
Wearing a sweater from H&M and a silk top by Wilfred.

bridesmaid bouquet

The bride made a bunch of the bouquets and they turned out very pretty. I know that I definitely would’ve messed mine up if it was up to me to do some arts and crafts for the ceremony (I’m just not a visual artist).

Belt: double wrap belt in gold from BCBG


After the bridal party finished primping we went out for a couple individual shots. I wasn’t feeling my finest at this point and my throat was pretty sore but I love how the pictures turned out regardless. I like this picture because for the first time ever, I look to be about a million miles tall (yeah, right!)

Dress: BCBG, Shoes: Jimmy Choo (Collar)

Bridesmaid Makeup

A closeup of my makeup. The makeup artist used a much different palette than I would normally go for so it was fun to play with different colours.

PHI Project wedding

After the ceremony with my brother and new sister!!!

Thanks again for reading, let me know what you think in the comment section below!