Staying Warm

Meanwhile in Canada…. The geese have gtfo, the temperature has been hovering around -30C where I live, and a moose fell through the ice and into the river. Seems to me that we are in the full swing of Winter up here. Oh yeah, and Santa is on his way.


I feel like living in the Great White North I miss out on all those cute “Winter dressing” outfits that everyone is posting. I read stupid articles about “How to stay warm in the winter” and see pictures has some girl wearing bare legs, over the knee boots and a sweater. Right. Brr. Cold. Hah. It drives me nuts because it just isn’t realistic for me. I am not really complaining, more so curious. I need a contrast in weather and temperature throughout the year or else I would probably go nuts. I need four seasons. But mostly just Summer and Winter.


After going through a cold snap over the last, what? Two weeks of -30ish weather and brutal winds I look forward to knowing it is warming up to a toasty -10 soon enough. But what does one actually wear? Because there is no way in hell I would walk outside in my Lowland boots with anything bare.


I go with jeans or leggings for sure, nothing crazy; my trusty Canada Goose (it is like wearing a sleeping bag outside, I love it) and most importantly, a good pair of boots. Now, it is like every time I mention the word Uggs somebody somewhere opens up a can of worms. Yes, Uggs are slippers really, and no they are not the best shoe for the winter. Snow and salt ruins them quickly as you’d observe here and they certainly are not meant for anything other than walking with a bag of groceries to the truck, or with wooly socks to the skating rink. But, for a short period of time, if it is dry enough, Uggs are perfect to wear outside in the cold. Also, who doesn’t like to feel comfy and cosy?


I’m currently on the market for a new pair, just to add to a few options as far as Winter boots go when I’m out and about. I have a pair of tan Short Classics and a heavy pair of tall Adirondack boots that have saved my life a few times. But for a shoe girl, that is quite limiting. I’ve shared with you a few pairs from the Uggs website that have caught my eye. Ugg Australia has really spruced things up as of late and stepped up their game. I love the new materials and designs. One of my favourite pairs? Bethany (pictured above), recently spotted on Rosie HW, never would have caught my eye before. Now? I need to try them on.


What do you wear on your feet when temperatures “plunge”? I am always so curious. I know I have a lot of readers living in chilly climates so I would love to hear from you. And you too, my readers that live where 10C is chilly (lucky ducks), you’re always welcome too.



OOTD: Breton Stripes and McQueen Scarves

Happy New Year to each of you! I apologies for the lack of posts, however, if you knew the travelling hell I have been through over the last couple days, you’d understand. There is no reason it should take 4 days to get home from anywhere in the world and I’ll leave it at that.

While I’m just making a quick post I’m sure you could guess that some positive changes to my blogging are included in my goals for the new year. Unfortunately due to the chaos I’ve endured since Saturday, it may take a couple days to get some new material. Lucky for you, I have loads to share from my trip over the holidays.


This is an outfit I wore last week for a day of shopping in Arizona. My new scarf is from Santa Claus- he collaborated with Alexander McQueen this Christmas past and I could not be more thrilled. I’m crazy about breton stripes (I usually am but I recently have decided to do something about it) and have rediscovered my love for my Citizens of Humanity jeans. Also wearing my favourite Lanvin flats and a cardigan from Zara.

I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and have an excellent 2015. I’m looking forward to sharing a lot with you on Talk to My Shoes this year and appreciate the time each of you takes to stop by, say hi, or just scope out another great pair of footwear.

Hugs to all!

OOTD: Thank You!


It always surprises me hugely when I get such amazing feedback (or any feedback because really, this is a small blog and I am just me) from an outfit photo that I never really planned, or more so just threw together. Actually, I am always humbled when anyone comments on any sort of post or outfit I share, I still can’t get over how amazing the blogosphere really is. I’m not a model and I would never try to be. I’m not a fancy stylist, but I know what works and what I like. So on the day this was taken, I was feeling lazy and just wanted to wear leggings and a cosy sweater. I am on vacation after all. “But I’ll pull out this leather pair  because I haven’t worn them in a while.” I grabbed my comfiest flats (Lanvin) because I have limited options when I travel and I wore my sunglasses inside the  house because…. well it was time to just get goin’ to Home Depot. Yet apparently my daily uniform of leggings and an oversize sweater struck a chord this one time. So thank YOU for the lovely feedback. It truly put a smile on my face all day. And thanks to my mom, for using her photography skills from Tahiti to snap the pic above. And to my dad for  taking the one below. And to Rusty the puppy for being so fluffy and cute. Thanks


OOTD: December 26


Does this picture sum up how much I’m enjoying the sunshine?  Apparently it is “cold” down here- one woman today was telling me how she had to wear her goose down jacket and a scarf on her way to work today… and here I am barefoot and in a t-shirt. Mind you after -40C, I’d think anything is balmy weather.
Anyway, I’m keeping this one short, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa was good to each of you! Even more importantly, I hope you are all surviving your turkey coma and are feeling relaxed and restored after the mad rush over the past couple weeks. And yes in the picture below, my shirt does indeed read “Gnome  for the Holidays”. Because I am dorky like that. Though, I did a good job hiding it in the picture with Rusty, I will have to take a picture of it for you sometime. Thanks for stopping by and happy boxing day!