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Jen is a school teacher, Zumba instructor, shopaholic, beauty addict, instrumental musician and writer who is the voice behind the blog “Talk To My Shoes”. Starting her blog many years ago after deciding to pursue her love for writing, she has now added shoe designer and published author to her list of achievements as a result of the success of Talk To My Shoes.

When she’s not doing one of the activities listed above (with the energy of a pinball machine might I add), Jen can be found at her home in the Canadian Prairies, probably online shopping, stuck in the abyss of the cute puppy section of youtube, or just having a nap.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog. I am now a follower. Would love for you to check out my blog and if you like what you see then become a follower. I too am a teacher . What age do you teach? I teach 16 + Fashion Design and am going through a ‘I need a new job’ patch after 7 years. With the stress levels high I can see why teaching is a short lived career.
    Enough from me. Have a good day . Nick x

  2. Bonjour,

    I’m sorry to use this form, but I could not find your email…

    I’m the owner of a new (and tiny!) web community : http://www.hangar217.com

    H217 is from Québec and is about gathering photographers, models, artists and fashion designers.

    Tiny but still. More than 100 sites accepted to share their RSS feeds with Hangar 217. Juste to name a few: Cyberpresse, Montreal Museum of Beaux-Arts, eFlux, and Figaro Madame.

    By this mail I would like to ask you the permission to syndicate the rss feeds from your site.

    There is no publicity in the page where the feeds are gathered and the backlink to your site will always be preserved.

    Need more info?! Please, feel free to ask. I will be happy to answer to all your questions.


    Rémi Guertin


  3. I love YOU…does that make me almost family?! I have a few comments: I love your Michael Kors shoes…all ‘friends’ in the collection; I love ‘Casey stories’ so much that I feel like I have already met him; I married a man from Lloydminster….’nough said; and I can make you laugh using a simple baby carrot!
    Love your little blog….Little Miss Alberta!

    • Ahh!! Thankyou for stopping by!! I love you too AND your face!! You’re definitely basically in my family. I had no idea Kevin is from the Lloyd- that explains everything hahaha! Love it! Miss youuuuuu!!!

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