On Repeat: Hadrian’s Palace

2016-08-06 11.01.25-1

I mentioned to you a couple posts ago that I wore this outfit on repeat all summer. It truly is a favourite. These pictures were taken at Hadrian’s Palace just outside Rome on one of my last days of the trip. This set of ancient ruins was one of my favourite places and a definite highlight of the trip. With beautiful scenery, sunshine and even little turtles hanging around the ponds, I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Just to recap, my sweater crop is from Aritzia and the skirt is from NYC last year by Rag and Bone.

2016-08-06 11.21.32-1

Also, how many squats do you think those Roman soldiers did to have rock solid butts like that?!?!

Don’t forget to put your feet up today, it’s Sunday.


2 thoughts on “On Repeat: Hadrian’s Palace

  1. I LOVE that first photo. What a great outfit too! I’ve been slumming it all summer, then I came to TO and suddenly I’ve had to up my game….Thank goodness I have a sister who buys stuff that doesn’t fit her but seems to work on me. Also, I’ve finally started to take some of my own fashion advice and I can say that I look half decent now. I feel like I need to move back ASAP and we totally have to join forces!

  2. Great look and great recap of your amazing adventure. Hope you are able to relax this Labour Day weekend cuz I bet you hit the ground running on Tuesday. Zoom Zoom 🙂

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