Jimmy Choo

The other weekend I had some fun and was able to take perhaps what is my favourite pair of shoes out for a spin (I said perhaps, I’m not sure if I have a favourite pair, but these are so special and absolutely killer that they, in this moment, deserve that title). I originally bought these accessories for my brothers wedding back in 2015 and love them so much.


Jimmy Choo’s Collar design, though it looks absolutely deadly to some, is one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own. I love how my feet feel securely caged in and that the shoe zips instead of laces up. I put them on and my feet are ready for a night of dancing without worrying about them coming undone. The platform adds that extra cushy comfort that I feel is completely necessary to a sandal like this, and the champagne colour… well need I say more?

You may remember my clutch from some of my posts last summer while in NYC. I particularly love the versatility of this little bag. It has a detachable shoulder-length chain that turns the clutch into a little crossbody number if needed- or double the chain to make a chic shoulder piece. The texture is durable, and the colour is the most perfect champagne gold that goes with absolutely everything. I’ve brought this out for ¬†numerous occasions, and worn it with everything from bridesmaid dresses to jeans and a blazer. It is a serious winner and I only wish that I owned it in black and other colours as well.

Anyway, I am headed down to Calgary for a little Stampede action later this week and am looking forward to putting together some great outfits and coaxing people into taking a few pictures. I hope everyone is having an amazing summer this far. Happy Fourth of July to my beloved Yankee readers! Love.


2 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo

  1. Love the Jimmy Choo’s, they are perfect in every way. They look amazing – the colour, the design, the heel height. Add in the comfort level and the fact you bought them for a specific occasion last year and you’re still WOW’ing them today. All that combined equals shoe greatness.

    As a shoe fanatic I totally know how impossible it is to pick “a favourite pair.” If I had pick a favourite pair from my collection I’d say either the pair I’m wearing or the pair I’m about to buy. Shoes are an extension of our feelings and the mood we’re in, so anything from plain Jane to Fab, I know we both have a pair of shoes that will capture the mood.

    Have a great time at the Stampede. I’m sure it will feel great to be back in your familiar old stomping grounds before you venture off later in the Summer for a new amazing world experience.


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