Most Worn


Believe it or not, I’d honestly say that as of late, my most worn pair of shoes is actually my hot pink Nike running pair. I’m totally proud to say that too- as much as I know I could totally live in a pair of Ferragamo’s of any height as well.

I’ve aways been a very active person. I grew up playing nearly every sport imaginable, and dancing most days during the week. Now I find myself pretending/attempting to call myself a runner and attending yoga and zumba classes many days of the week. I’m also training for my first 5k race that is taking place in June. These are the shoes I throw on each time I’m breaking a sweat and I have to say they have been totally good to me.

Finding a good work out shoe can be a difficult thing. Identify the type of activity you are going to be taking part in and go from there. I admit that I should technically be wearing a different style shoe when I’m cross training (above are designed specifically for running) but I like how these feel and work the various muscles in my feet. Remember to change your shoes as needed- it is not like an excuse for new shoe shopping is ever a bad thing.

I’ve been noticing that I am indulging myself more and more into the world of sneakers. Perhaps it is the popularity of the whole athletic-leisure look right now or maybe I just am remembering how comfy a good pair of sneaks on my feet can be. I’ll never give up my sky-high heels or a pretty pair of ballerina flats, come hell or high water, but this whole sneaker thing, can actually look pretty chic. If done right.

What is your view on the athleisure trend? Are you for it or is it just too Kendall Jenner? Shout out if you are Kendall Jenner though, you shouldn’t be reading my blog any way, you probably have better things to do.


3 thoughts on “Most Worn

  1. I have such a weakness for pink running shoes…. I don’t know what it is but they just work! I spend more time in runners than almost any other shoe. It’s a little sad but I’m always either out with the dog or going to a ballet class so really they just work. Also, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of these cobblestones here, they are decidedly not comfortable to walk on (especially after a class when my feet are sore). Then again there is that little bit of Vancouver that refuses to leave me and well it’s not a city known for the best style in the world…..

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