Mixing Prints: Christian Louboutin

Maybe it is the dead of winter, or maybe it is just the start of what is seemingly turning into a long week, but what would I give right now to look out the window and see some weather to match these shoes. Or to be able to slip them on and walk out into a corresponding climate. Could you imagine? Some of you readers probably live in a place like that.


The bright colours of these Louboutins, floral design and quirky snake mix are such a pick me up right now. I miss sunshine and feeling of warmth from the sun. Luckily the days are getting noticeably longer up here. While I count the days until my next get away (just a few more weeks!) I think I am going to dream of these designs to pull me through.


What do you think of the design? Personally I think I am partial towards flatform sandals as I am a total shorty and love designs where I can pair comfort with some added height. I’m picturing either pair with some great white denim, or a perfect sun dress. Mixing prints might be over the top for some but Christian Louboutin sure pulled it off like a pro.

Is it warm where you are? Feel free to send some extra sunshine my way.


2 thoughts on “Mixing Prints: Christian Louboutin

  1. LOVE the warm Spring colours, they will brighten your spirits even on the greyest days. But they would be even better walking around in the sunshine. I LOVE the snake print on the plateforms. The way the blues and greens blend into the natural snake print is eye catching. Of course the pinks, coral and torquise flower are very cute too 😀

  2. I love the applique’s on those shoes. I think realistically I’d need both pairs because really one would be for everyday, worn with everything and the other would be for a night out!

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