Nudist Twist: The Latest from Stuart Weitzman’s Beloved Design

Stuart Weitzman’s shoe designs are on fire. From lace up flats to thigh high boots, we all know that the designer has created quite a few icons and certainly put himself on the map (not to sound childish but I do need to claim that I loved his work looong before any lace up or thigh high).

The Nudist Sandal is another design that has seemingly risen to fashion cult status over the years. A favourite on the red carpet or just paired with some boyfriend denim for an instagram post, the shoe really is everywhere. Being in Canada, unfortunately the shoe is only available in basic colours and any additional ounce of excitement must be ordered online.


This particular pair of the sandal caught my eye a while ago when I noticed a little twist to the design- braided straps. Sure, it is quite simple but I think it changes the aesthetic of the shoe completely. I love how casual the sandal feels, especially for something once designed for evenings. I like the added texture yet remains as a minimalist piece.

What is your take on the Nudist sandal? Are you still head over heels for them or ready for the next thing. The upcoming Stuart Weitzman collection is killer, I already have my eye on a few pieces.


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