Pink Pumps: pt 3

I hope everyone is recovering well from an excellent Valentines (long) weekend! I, on the other hand, find myself spiralling downwards along the path of very congested sinuses and worse, the feeling of hot knives in my throat. All that aside, the weekend was wonderful, today was great and I want to accomplish as much as possible throughout the rest of the week. Tomorrow is already Wednesday, can you believe it?

Finishing up that Valentines series from before- y’know the one with all the pink pumps? I want to share with you the last pair I have chosen. Well, actually, it was the pair that I saw that triggered the entire idea, but regardless here it is.

Kate Spade Valentines

I don’t know what it is about Kate Spade products and I lately, but I am just on a total binge. Those great birthday heels, fox flats, and my taxi flats (coming soon to Talk to My Shoes) I just haven’t been able to resist. I picked this pair of floral themed pumps for Valentines as roses are obviously a “thing” during this time of year. Specific to the print itself, I love the use of grey in the colour scheme. I feel it really brings some balance and a fresher look to it’s mid level, grounding the shoe a bit more and keeping them from being totally over the top.

So who got roses this past weekend? I admit, I passed on them and opted for a pedi and a treat at Sephora instead. If you missed out like I did, please accept this bouquet from me to you. xoxo

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