Modern Classic: Dior Essence Stiletto

Fresh for all to see, Dior recently released what I believe to be their latest feet- err, feat yet. Sure the brand is responsible for in the moment pieces like their rather dominatrix lucite heeled boots but sometimes designers get it right from the start- it is how a design becomes a classic, and that is exactly what Christian Dior premiered to the world 57 years ago.

Now re-released with subtle updates the Dior Essence stiletto is available in an array of colours. Of course, the black and pink are my personal favourites- and most reflective of the fashion house in my opinion, but I have to say that I haven’t seen a pair that I am not smitten with.

Without further adieu, the all-new Dior Essence Stiletto. (Photos courtesy of

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One thought on “Modern Classic: Dior Essence Stiletto

  1. These heels are breathtaking! The look, the colours, the style and of course the heel height is really breathtaking cuz the air has to be much thinner that high up đŸ™‚

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