Shoe Review: Kate Spade Libby

Kate Spade Libby

I have really been liking Kate Spade lately. I mean, really. From my fox flats I picked up last autumn, to all the little goofy pieces of jewelry and trinkets I find myself nabbing when I visit a boutique, I have just been in a total Kate Spade groove. So, a couple weekends ago you could probably understand my excitement while celebrating my birthday and receiving these perfect suede pumps, also by Kate Spade. I have had so many compliments on these heels already it is insane.

The Libby pump raises you up by 3.9 inches and is made of extremely soft suede with some beautiful embellishments. I read a ton of reviews online about the fit of these and how most girls are finding them small and uncomfortable (there is no platform in the design for added cushion) but I have to say, that for me they fit perfectly true to size and I haven’t had any problems with discomfort. If anything I wore them while teaching gym class (legit) and everything seemed to be just fine. I rate these an 11/10.

So, what do you think? A black, very classic style shoe with a little glitzy twist. Are you a Kate Spade fan? Let me know in the comments section below!


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