Red Lips, Black Heels


I can’t think of many things that are better than a good black heel, leave it to Saint Laurent to steal my heart by giving it a little twist. Lipstick print: totally unexpected, yet utterly appropriate.

I remember reading a review about these ages ago that said how “cheeky” the shoe is. That may be so, but think of this: lipstick today is just as powerful of a feminine symbol as a stiletto itself, wearing a shoe like this isn’t necessarily a cheeky statement, but a very forward and powerful one. Not only that, but the colour of the lipstick is red, I don’t see too many people interpreting “black and red” as cutesy or cheeky too often. Tongue in cheek maybe. Edgy, certainly. Consider the modern history of lipstick and the modern history of the stiletto. I believe that the design is better interpreted as headstrong and witty, regardless of how the shoe is styled. I dunno, that is just my opinion for now. I know that there are only about a trillion ways of interpreting a shoe like this. What do you think?   If lipstick print is your thing, these are also available in loafers, sneakers as well as a matching clutch.


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