Top 4, 2015: One of Each

Last year was full of great designs and great shoes. But then again, isn’t every year? When it comes to footwear in 2015, lots of things stood out in for me; classic shapes with modern lines, quirky and more fashion forward textures, chunky soles and comfort all the way. I had no idea as to how to approach this post or how to pick my favourite shoes of this past year, I could go on forever and obviously pick multiple of different styles and brands. Instead, I sat down and just went with the first thing that came to mind. There is a reason why they all stand out.

Top flat:

Ferragamo Vara

The Vara flat by Salvatore Ferragamo is more of a sneaker/flat hybrid than anything. An impromptu purchase of these shoes in silver nearly “saved my life” (or my back) this summer whilst in New York. I vote them 1000/10 on the comfort level and assure you they are just as beautiful as practical as comfortable. I picked this pair in particular as one of my top shoes of the year as I recently purchased them during a massive shoe-binge during my last trip to Phoenix as an early birthday present to myself.

Top wedge:

Charlotte Olympia Wedge

You may recall me absolutely freaking out over these Charlotte Olympia wedges last year. Speaking of Arizona, I am not even sure if I have to explain why I felt such a connection and love for this design. Sure, the shoe itself is just a massively chunky wedge, but the artful design tells a story to me that I would listen to again and again. I’m still looking for these, if you hunt them down, let me know!

Top heel:

jimmy choo

Could a top shoe list even exist without a good pair of Jimmy Choos? Not in my books. The Collar design may not necessarily have been new in 2015 but the onset of the the perfect champagne material and hardware was. I wore these heels for my brother’s wedding back in May so they are extra special to me. I experimented a lot this year with using evening-wear accessories (shoes and clutches especially) during the day time and you know what? It works. There is nothing better than a sparkly gold sandal and a perfect denim jacket.

Top boot:

lanvin tassle snake

I specifically recall having a complete meltdown over these boots when I saw them on the Lanvin runway. The perfect mid calf height (that is seemingly so hard to find as of late!) in a neutral python print, tassles and a block heel as a nod to the seventies… Ohmygoodness, I am freaking out all over again as I type this. As trendy as this one is, I really believe that it is a “forever” style boot.

Well there it is for ya, top shoes of the top of my head in 2015. What do you look forward to in this new year? I have some great designs lined up and a few more exciting things to share with you. I hope everyone is having a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I know that my Saturday morning this far has been everything that I need it to be (except that it is like -30 outside and the driveway is covered in snow). Cheers to a great weekend!



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