Top 3: Pink Shoes of 2015

I thought that instead of having some sort of predictable “best outfit” post or “most used products” or whatever type post, I thought I’d switch it up into something a bit more fun. If you’ve ever met me, you’d realise right away that I love shoes and ontop of that I love it even more when they are pink. I don’t know what it is about a good pink shoe, but I just have a complete soft spot for them. This past year was filled with all sorts of fun shades of pink and different shaped shoes, so I thought I’d share with you the 3 pairs that come most to mind from 2015!


It is rare for me to fall completely in love with a shoe made of patent leather, but nevertheless, these rockstuds stole my heart. The Rockstud design was originally released a couple years ago by Valentino and has turned into what is definitely a staple piece in any truly fashion forward person’s closet. I know I have a couple pairs (and something new to share with you!) that are constantly in rotation, these flats included.

pink manolo

I bought these Manolos last Summer during my adventure in NYC. One afternoon I found myself strolling- er, walking with purpose, by one of two Manolo Blahnik stores in the United States (The other is in the Wynn in Las Vegas. I also had quite the adventure in that location). Anyway, I had bought a strappy purple sandal version of these pumps a couple months prior and pounced as soon as I saw this pair. They’re such a great pink and I love the suede. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up again so I can get wearing these more often!


As for my last pair, you may remember them as they have a tendency to just really stick with a person. I bought these about a year ago now on an impromptu trip to Calgary. This pair was my first go at trying Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe line and I remain impressed. I get multiple compliments on this pair every time I wear them. I was also approached my Nordstrom last year to use this picture on their website- still the coolest thing ever.

Anyway, I hope you are all in the midst of an amazing week! What were your favourite pairs of shoes from 2015?


2 thoughts on “Top 3: Pink Shoes of 2015

  1. LOVE your top 3 PINK picks. Also LOVE that all 3 are different styles of shoes made from different textured materials and all 3 shades of pink are slightly different. 🙂

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