Best of 2015

I know that we are almost mid January but as the year is so fresh, why not do this now? This week at Talk to My Shoes I will be rounding up some of my favourite outfits, memories, accessories and of course, shoes from 2015. Some of you might have seen on Instagram, right before the new year, that the “#bestof2015” was trending like mad. There was even some website where you could punch in your account and it would tell you what your most popular posts were that year.

Below is not necessarily my most liked pictures, or favourite outfits, but rather a couple pictures that sum up the year. Going from the top left:


1: I took this picture in the car driving north one morning at about 6 a.m. after Thanksgiving. I love the sunrises and sunsets on the prairies. About 5 minutes later we nearly hit a moose on the highway. Nothing has ever taught me how precious life is than in that moment.

2: Time spent in NYC this Summer. Times Square leaves endless opportunities for fast paced photo ops while the trip itself felt like a dream.

3: Quirky flats with classic shape might be one of the greatest design formulas ever. Stay tuned to what is to come in this area. I found myself becoming more creative with my own designs through inspiration like these Kate Spade flats.

4: Last Spring my brother got married and my entire family went on a whale watching trip. Not only did I take hundreds of pictures of orcas in the wild, but I took hundreds of selfies and pictures of my simply screaming “Go Whale” until my voice was completely ruined. Here is my dad and I taking a selfie. Because that is how we roll.

5: In the Autumn I moved into my new diggs. New house means new closet. Unpacking a closet that looks this good is never a chore.

6: Sunny holidays spent in Arizona. Home away from home. My favourite vacation spot is only a hop away. Also holy crap, still can’t believe how cool it is to have had someone sketch me!

7: Later this year I went on my first helicopter ride. I’m not always the best flyer but this was totally cool. Plus, it made for a killer (literally) accessory for my outfit that day.

8: Taking care of this furry little pal for just over a month this Fall was awesome. The smile sums up all of our times together.

9: Goofing around and spending quality time with the people I love the most. Even if it means sitting on the couch and trying on helmets that weigh more than I do.

What do you think 2016 will bring your way? Hopefully the very best. Cheers!


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