My Designs Brought to Life

Due to the material I chose for my latest pair, I actually couldn’t see these sitting in my camera roll on my iPad for a while. No I kid. What a terrible attempt at a joke, I’ve just been busy and somehow (amazingly) forgot to share with you these beauts. 

Great right? I was, and still am, giddy with excitement whenever I see these. My inspiration? A little goofy- lets just say a mix of E’s work wardrobe (gotta support our troops!) Destiny’s Child “Survivor” music video and maybe Kate Middleton for a classically shaped pump I can wear anywhere with anything? These turned out more beautiful than I ever imagined, using a camouflage satin and remaking the heel with buttery soft black leather. Originally these were to have a dark green leather cap toe and matching heel but post production I just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve said before how particular I am about my designs and this is just one of those times where good wasn’t good enough. 

Anyway, I’m looking forward to styling these over and over again. I have some other ideas for pairs in the works as of late and as design usually goes- you are never sure what will come of it until it is out in to action. Goodness I can’t wait to share some of the action with you. 


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