There is a Metallic Shoe for Every Time of Year

Happy Black Friday to one and all! Not that BF in Canada is anything like it is in the States. If you count my outing today as celebrating- purchasing some full-priced piano books, then I guess I have done my job. The truth is, I have been in Christmas mode since the end of August and have been full fledged out of control with decorating and planning the moment Remembrance Day was over. With this comes all sorts of joy for me- and I especially love to see any form of Christmas cheer and anticipation spill over into the blogosphere. I was recently reading an article about holiday dressing for the up and coming party season. Naturally, it is the season of glitz and glamour, and the only time of the year where you can truly get away with those sequin pants and be serious about it (ie: Not a Hallowe’en costume or some 80’s rager).

J.Crew metallic d'orsayAnyway, the entire article about wearing lame as an alternative to sequins and sparkle appropriate office wear just had me completely reminiscing about these J.Crew pumps. Remember them? I think that it is cool to have found a design that is so out there and over the top, so on trend for the season, yet is versatile enough to transfer to the odd office Christmas party- or to compliment your ugly sweater and glass of full-fat egg nog…

So now I want to know, what do you look forward to wearing each holiday season as far as Christmas party dress goes? I’m naturally all over anything glitzy as I am part magpie, but am also hoping to bring some velvet into my looks. Thank you to all of my readers for stopping by on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. I know we all have places to go, people to see, and of course shoes to buy, so know I truly appreciate it.


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