Sneak Peek

  Last Spring I took some time introducing to the world some of my own designs brought to life. Designing shoes for me is something that comes in bursts, sure, I’m always thinking about shoes and different designs, how I can improve them and what would be good for my lifestyle, but it isn’t always I get to sit and enjoy myself as I hammer out my thoughts and visions shoe -wise. So, I’m sure you could only imagine how happy I was a couple weeks ago to sit down and come up with new design after new design. I did the same this past weekend  designing shoes specifically focused on block heels. Anyway, after some thought and an order placed here and there, I thought I’d give you a special sneak peek of what is underway at Talk to My Shoes as far as design goes. 

Lately block heels have been taking up my mind. Between the shape of this heel- though simple, and the great printed calf hair for the shoe you can bet your bottom I’m totally thrilled to know these are coming my way. I’ll post the real deal with you when they appear on my doorstep in a few weeks but for now… What is to come!

Happy Monday to all of my readers, I hope it was a great one!


One thought on “Sneak Peek

  1. What a classic style of shoe. One that can be either dressy or casual. You have an incredible talent for picking and pairing great textures and materials to create your designs. 😍

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