Jimmy Choo: Cruise 2016

Usually on Sundays I like to post some sort of inspirational quote or some tongue in cheek comment about fashion, but today I thought I’d skip that (due to a sad lack of writing this week) and share with you something that I am actually freak-out excited over. Remember back in 2011 when I lost my marbles over the content in this post? Well it is happening again. I nearly had a small aneurysm when I got the email. 

Jimmy Choo is releasing moon boots again. 

*insert my head exploding here*

When I first found out I actually didn’t know what to do with myself. I looked around the room frantically as if I were just going to spot a pair under the couch or in the kitchen. I was like some sort of animal hurriedly trying to collect food. Then, I pushed my eyeballs back into my head, sat down on the couch and pulled it together. Seriously though, this is one of those collections that “got away”. 

Now you may not be half as excited as me- I actually can guarantee that you aren’t- and you probably have scrolled down by now just to see what the heck  I’m rambling on about so I won’t keep you much longer. The moon boot capsul collection is part of JC’s cruise 2016 collection which is all in all beautiful. Be sure to take some time to check out the full collection as there are some great pairs of heels and flats in there too. Now without making you read for any longer (are you still seriously here?) let’s see what I had a breakdown over. Ps- moon boots are a very acquired taste by some as it is no longer 1970, so,  I’m sorry if you don’t like them after all my hype…




6 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo: Cruise 2016

    • I can definitely understand that, I’m small too so I have to be careful about how I style bulky footwear. They are best for long limbed people. However, I love the coziness factor of this style and am determined to make them work- probably a shorter pair

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