Purrfect Pumps? Kate Spade: Logan

I’m not sure what it is but I really love it when cute animal designs are sewn onto a fun pair of shoes. It is kind of silly really, because think about it, I’m a late twenty-something who really should not be running around with kittens on their feet as a) I’m not a toddler and b) I’m certainly not a cat person c) I’m not Japanese, nor am I a hipster. But, alas, here I am excited about this little find I stumbled across on the Kate Spade website the other night.

Logan Kate Spade

Meet Logan. A rather plain Kate Spade pump with a rather purrfect twist. I guess this is the grown up sneaky way of taking kitten heels to the next level. Now tell me, do you love them or is it just another silly little feat for the KS collectors kitschy/chic (in the best way) glory? I wouldn’t mid trying these but I wonder how much they would rub the back of my ankle.


Thank you to everyone for stopping by for a visit! Have a good night!


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