Over the Knee: Arnold Churgin Entourage

Every year at this time I allow myself to become hopelessly obsessed with boots of all kinds. I make a mental list in my head- one that is forever evolving, and try to hunt them down online or in person. Over the past couple years on Talk to My Shoes, I have shared numerous pairs with you, so I am hoping that at this point you don’t mind indulging with me once again.

Arnold Churgin Entourage Boot

One of my favourite pairs of boots I ever owned was a slouchy pair of over the knee boots from Arnold Churgin in Calgary I got about 7 years ago now. I wore them mercilessly and had to part ways with them a couple months ago when I was purging my closet before the move. I had had them resoled a couple times and they were just at the point where they were beyond done. Anyway, I’ve been looking at different styles of OTK boots ever since and found this pair of “Entourage” boots from Arnold Churgin this year. What I like about these is how sleek they are. No dated slouchiness that was so popular about a decade ago. Nothing but clean lines, comfort and versatility in this pair. I am seriously considering calling AC in Calgary and having them send me a pair up here because, these boots might be everything.

What do you think of the over the knee trend? It is nice that it made its re-emergence from a few years ago and seems to be sticking around.


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