OOTD: Plenty of Neutrals

I snapped this shot on my way out the door last night before heading to the football game. It was a pretty warm night for the end of Summer, but with the Alberta weather being as fickle as it is, I thought I better bring a few extra layers to bundle. Totally unnecessary in the end but if I didn’t come prepared, I’m sure it would’ve turned blustery cold.

Reva Flats

So what am I wearing? A pair of skinny jeans so old I’m not sure how they came into existence- but totally stoked that they are still a beautiful dark wash. Belt- Wilfred. Scarf- Tory Burch. Flats- Tory Burch “Reva”. This is the old style of the shoe with a little bit of elastic at the heel, TB has recently changed the style to a more stiff flat without an elastic backing. Certainly a better design but takes a bit longer to break in. Bag: Jimmy Choo. I love this bag that converts into a clutch. The pony hair is so soft and it is great how it zips up. Also, it holds everything you really need while remaining nice and light.

I hope everyone is having a happy Saturday! I’m not really able to relax this weekend as the general chaos ensues, however, I did take time for a little Starbucks treat this morning! Take care and don’t forget the magic pineapples!


4 thoughts on “OOTD: Plenty of Neutrals

  1. Hope you had fun at the Esk’s game but please don’t become a big fan, this is Stamps country. LOVE your outfit. I wish I could pull of skinny jeans with my Reva flats like you can.

    Hope you are having a great Saturday too.

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