Over the Knee

I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn shorts or anything really summery in something like three weeks. You see, I get over Summer a lot more quick than most people. I never unpacked my sandals after my move but did choose to wash and put out all my heavy Fall and Winter sweaters. Yesterday was about 20some degrees here and I opted for a bright pink knit that I usually whip out in the dead of Winter to brighten things up. I just prefer cooler weather and the fashion that comes with it.

Sergio Rossi Over the knee boot

So, as the days finally start to cool down (hooray!) I have started to recommence my hunt for the perfect over the knee boots. A sad story- I parted with my favourite black leather pair on my last purge after many great years together, in the hopes that I can find something new and a bit more chic. Now of course, I have lots of ideas of what I’m looking for and generally am quite set, but when I found these Sergio Rossi boots in that beautiful red tone, I just said wow. Unfortunately, I won’t be picking these up because y’know, I’m not sure how appropriate they are for teaching little kids or the workplace environment (unless you’re paid to be some Italian fashion killa). Could you imagine these at “meet the teacher night?” Right.

Nonetheless, these are amazeball boots and I hope some of you end up with a pair. The colour is rich, they are perfectly on trend and more versatile than you’d ever guess. Sergio Rossi, you’ve done it again.

2 thoughts on “Over the Knee

  1. Wow! I can picture these on you, (but not for parent teacher interviews.). Although I’m sure there’s lots of Dads that would be sidetracked if they saw you wearing these at parent teacher interviews. (Just cuz you know how to rock them) The colour is pretty amazing.

    I’m totally resisting the cooler temperatures (I hate feeling cold) but I have been scooping up some good Fall/Winter items. Hummm maybe it time for me to do another post about the Fall transition. Thanks for sharing this post, you’re brilliant. 😊

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