Susannah Sandals

To be honest, I walked around most of the day not even knowing which day of the week it was until a couple seconds ago. Life is busy, my work week routines have been long out of practice and the only ritual I have really kept up is having a cup of tea first thing in the morning. Everything has been a blur and it is going to be getting even crazier over the next couple days- I am moving to a new city next week, bought a new phone today, will find a new job, am going to wear new boots tonight, and the list goes on. Talk about hitting refresh! I am so excited!

susannah chloe sandal

One consistent thing on my mind though lately (funny how it should be making arrangements and packing lists but it’s not) have been these sandals. Chloe rereleased the Susannah boots years ago that quickly became a bit of a fashion cult classic- guilty as charged here, I love mine- and have quite recently come out with a sandal version. I like that these are pretty simple, pretty versatile, and pretty darn edge. Had it ever have been acceptable to wear sandals to a rock show I would totally go with these. Badass.

I hope everybody’s Wednesday (apparently it is the middle of the week now?!) is going great and that everyone is surviving the soon to be dog days of Summer. Xoxo


One thought on “Susannah Sandals

  1. That’s great that you’ve hit the “refresh button” in life. Change can be a lot of things, exciting, rejuvenating, scary or good. I’m excited for you.

    Since becoming a “bit” of a sandals fan myself I can easily give these Chloe sandals two thumbs up. They are perfect for the dog days of Summer or a trip down South.

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