OOTD: Summer Style

Rag and Bone Skirt

I’ve been having a lot of fun over the last couple weeks styling a few extra summery outfits. The weather up here has been much nicer than it seems to ever have been, so I have been enjoying coming up with some pairings that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to wear together. Both crop top and skirt above are the result of a couple shopping adventures I had while on holiday.

I became a little obsessed with this crop top by Babaton while shopping at Aritzia in Calgary. I like it because it is a little longer than most tops of that style- is a bit more mature and you can dress it with nearly anything. The fabric is soft, durable and is cut quite structured so it easy to dress up or wear casual. I actually didn’t pick it up right off the bat- it was one of those things you find, love, walk away, can’t stop thinking about and return only to buy it in every colour. Luckily it only comes in black and white so far so my pockets weren’t emptied.

As for this skirt, I think it is my new favourite! I picked up this article by Rag and Bone (and you know how much I love R&B!!!) while shopping at Saks in NYC. It was actually the last purchase of my trip, along with a pair of Hudson skinny jeans. Anyway, as expected, the piece is wonderful, done in a light chambray with a high waist and the perfect amount of material. Styled with the white top above, these two are meant for each other.

Paired with my white and gold visor-style Prada sunnies to add a bit of edge, my Dior bracelet you can hardly see photographed to work with the feminine silhouette created by the clothing and my enamel MK watch because.. well I hadn’t worn it in a while and missed it.

Now for the fun part, I definitely picked out a pair of pink stilettos. Can you guess which pair I chose?

pink stilettos

Thank you to everyone for being patient with my irregular posting. Life is transitioning before my eyes and I will be without internet for a few days in a couple weeks time. I’ll definitely let you know when that is, but as for now you can expect me to post as much as possible!

Have a great weekend everybody! It is Friday, you made it!


2 thoughts on “OOTD: Summer Style

  1. Great Summer style, I love it. As for which pair of pink pumps why not wear all eight pairs. Start with one pair and then change to another pair every hour.

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