Disney X Vans

Everybody’s favourite skate/shoe company Vans recently came out with one of my favourite collaborations ever: Disney X Vans. Immediately upon hearing about this particular collab, I became excited and thought it was nothing short of awesome. Really, I can’t think of any reason as to not want own a pair of Winnie the Pooh shoes in the famous slip-on style, or to parade around town in sneakers that sport images of our favourite Disney princesses.

disney princess vans

The collection of course extents much farther than a couple pairs of womens shoes- we’re talking clothing and other accessories (Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse backpacks anyone?) for both women AND men. I’ve poked my head into a few places to see what I can from the collab and I admit I was quite impressed. In all honesty, I haven’t worn Vans in something short of a lightyear, we’re talking back in my skate days, but, I still have mad respect for the company and totally admire this move. The shoes are comfortable, oddly versatile and cost next to nothing. Who knows, maybe I will end up with some princess sneakers, like I said, I can’t think of a reason as to why I shouldn’t.

If you get a chance, love shoes, love Vans, or just love Disney (me!) then you really need to check things out. Head to the website, poke your head in your local skate shop, keep your eyes peeled. It really is adorable.


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