Another Perfect Summer Wedge: Michael Kors Carina

I think that it is rather safe to state that it is common knowledge Michael Kors makes great shoes for a great price. I long have been a fan- far before his name took the fashion world by storm and the idea of casual American sportswear was something that was not a common staple in ones closet. The pieces look great, feel great and last a long time. At $138 for a simple pair of shoes, I think it is a stellar deal.

I blame much of my wedge obsession for Michael as he has found ways to reinvent and redesign the style in ways that consistently catch my eye. Thus, it was only natural that when I stopped by a MK boutique a couple weeks ago, I fell in love with his latest wedge design.

Michael Kors Carina Wedge

The Carina wedge sandal has that “of the moment” look to it; the whole I’m-a-sandal-that-is-inspired-by-a-mule-but-I’m-actually-just-a-wedge-but-I-look-so-perfect-you-can-take-me-anywhere type thing goin’ on. So, I tried them on knowing they’d soon be mine and went for it.

This is a COMFY shoe. More comfortable than many of my wedges to be honest. The platform is just thick enough and with the heel I hardly noticed that I was a couple inches taller. The shoe is light, the suede perfectly soft and neutral, the sole is thick yet very light and the hardware pulls the entire aesthetic of the shoe together and keeps it current.

I wore these shoes recently on a road trip and yesterday at the airport and once again, my choice of shoe passed the test. I was able to take a steep flight of stairs into my plane without a hitch, walked a terminal coffee and bags in hand and didn’t beep walking through the metal detector. This shoe won the airport game. This shoe is winning the Summer game.

What do you think? Do you have a go-to designer or store that is just a no-brainer place to shop at? I think I have a list myself.


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