Shoe Review: Salvatore Ferragamo Morgan Lux Sneaker

When you think of the name Salvatore Ferragamo, what comes to mind? Italian style? Buttery leather? Varina flats? Or is it perfect gold hardware, silk scarves and evening bags? You probably aren’t thinking of a pair of sneakers, but that is all I could think of last week when I was in dire need of a pair of comfortable walking shoes that had a thicker sole between myself and the hard pavement.

Ferragamo  Morgan Lux sneakers

I was quite certain that I could not take another step further on my trip without a pair of comfortable shoes. Funny as this is coming from the girl who spends an entire work day, on her feet in heels, and can walk miles and miles in shoes that are barely there and offer less than zero support. But I had apparently walked a mile too far and came to the point that I needed to change the situation. Luckily that point came about a block or two from a Salvatore Ferragamo store.

photo 2

I know that SF makes it on to Talk to My Shoes quite regularly, I’ve raved about the Varina flats and many different styles, but now it is time to share the fact that the sneakers the designer offers live up to and beyond all expectations. This shoe offers comfort all round, is light and rather perfect. I’m still not a huge sneaker person- though I have slowly expanded my collection, but these I see myself turning to again and again. For years and years you’d only catch me in a pair if I was working out but sometimes it is fun to wear a pair of eye-catching kicks. I like to joke that they are my understated Ferragamo sneakers- a bit of blush, a bit of canvas, a spot of snakeskin and a dash of gold hardware and… there you have it, a neutral yet eye grabbing shoe.

So what do you think? Are you on the sneaker wagon or do they belong in the gym? I had never been so thankful for sneakers to be on trend and in style at that moment, I never thought I’d cave but I’m quite certain the moment I put these on, my whole being rejoiced and started belting out Handel’s Messiah.


One thought on “Shoe Review: Salvatore Ferragamo Morgan Lux Sneaker

  1. After miles and miles (or kilometres and kilometres) in fashionable sandals there comes a point where some cushioning is needed. Sneaks are comfy but fashionable sneaks are a life saver. Glad your timing was perfect and there was a SF boutique nearby. These SF sneaks look super comfy and very unique.

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